1. Zareseos

    Request BAD BOOM Got Gift

    Hello people Me good man bad do Need to check out Can do unlimited Tracks any beat If u want can kill a beat u choose live Insta : Zareseosway Snap : Zareseos Check them all out If u like leave a sub or like or even share Yo back it yall
  2. GameCable

    Logan Paul, the worlds most "disliked" YouTuber

    OK, we all know who he is, I got what's written below from a thread on titled "How Logan Paul went from one of the world’s most famous YouTube stars to universally hated". So here is the full article: (Links and have been removed) HE was the world’s most famous YouTube star, but...
  3. J

    I think its interesting,a lot of YouTuber's live's are spiralling out of control.(opinion's please)

    Do you think the fame and money can be bad for these people that just seems to be having one drama/disaster after another or are these YouTuber's just in it for the wrong reason's and that's why there such a mess?
  4. T

    I feel like my content will be bad

    I feel like my content will be bad and that nobody would want to watch it
  5. radialDomo

    Audio: Good or Bad

    Ever since my last couple of recordings, I haven't been able to tell how good or bad the audio on my videos has gotten. It's definitely improved since my first couple of recordings and have gotten to a point where I think I'm happy with it. So if your still reading and confused by what I'm...

    [Most Favorite] - [Least Favorite] Comments

    So I've been doing youtube for almost 3 weeks now gained some subscribers, put out a bunch of videos and received some comments. Most of them are pretty positive right now, but I want to hear from you guys, which ones cracked you up the most or made you borderline depressed. This is just a...
  7. Spaceshipcontrol

    Please help me, review my channel.

    Hello, I started my YT channel last year with a few german videos, but cancelled that and restarted in December 2015, with english videos. I make somewhat unconventional comedy videos, and I have a preference for making videos that have an intentionally nonsensical plot just for the lulz, as...
  8. JU2TIN

    Channel & Video Feedback

    Okay, so my videos aren't impressing in the slightest. Some people find them funny, however others do not. I'm just looking to see if my terrible and unoriginal "content" actually gets people to chuckle. Check my playlists, there are some unlisted videos in there. I can take all forms of...
  9. ChaseAndFriends

    Is it bad to have bait thumbnails???

    So I NEVER use anything that could be considered "bait" in my thumbnails. Recently, however, I had it suggested to me by a fellow YouTuber. I tried it out and I did get more views than I normally do. I don't want to make this an ongoing thing, though. I feel guilty for some reason. I just need...
  10. PseudoExon

    What I learned on YT...What have u learned?

    In this video I talk about things that I learned being on YouTube. Thoughts on this video, What have you learned about being on YouTube? Please let me know in the comment section
  11. mattcole

    video looks bad hours after processing is done

    ive been experiencing extremely long processing time, and then after it says its done, it still looks very bad quality for hours and hours and hours. my latest upload "finished" processing 7 hours ago and still looks very blocky and pixelated, even in 1080p 60fps. but the thing is, that and 720p...
  12. BeautyLifeGeek

    Hot Topic Youtube Red: A New YouTube Monthly Subscription Service?

    I received an article last night about a new YouTube feature coming up soon (well, technically just an idea) of a monthly subscription service to watch videos ad-free. Article: In my opinion; I look at...