1. Pluto

    Whats your most & least favourite thing about YT and why?

    Title says it all really! Just interested in everyone's opinions. Personally my favourite thing is the community, at its strongest, it can really influence a lot of stuff :) My least favourite thing is trying to grow a small channel, its unrewarding and tough. If you do it, I suppose it's worth...
  2. Altairsfriend

    What is your creative process?

    From getting a idea, to recording, to Editing and finally uploading. How do you do it it? Perhaps we can learn from each other!
  3. mattcole

    video looks bad hours after processing is done

    ive been experiencing extremely long processing time, and then after it says its done, it still looks very bad quality for hours and hours and hours. my latest upload "finished" processing 7 hours ago and still looks very blocky and pixelated, even in 1080p 60fps. but the thing is, that and 720p...