1. AnswersRule

    Are longer videos better than short videos?

    Some of the best channels out there started small by making short videos almost like a teaser/trailer of their future content then as time went on they started creating longer videos for more watch time, etc. CinemaSins, Domics, etc. did this. Then there are channels who went longform right off...
  2. Inivlog

    Other Long-distance collab with some crispy VFX

    Hi there! I run a channel by the name Inivlog and I like to make videos with more complex visual effects and comedic assets. Everything from special effects and 3d motion graphics to animating and compositing. Examples are shown in the GIF below :D If someone's down for a long-distance...
  3. AllVisuals4U

    Titles too long?

    Can video titles be too long? Or does this make little difference.. Example: is: 'SOFTWARE' - 'SUBCATEGORY' - HOW TO ...? much better than: TUTORIALS - 'SOFTWARE' - 'SUBCATEGORY' - HOW TO ...? The second title is a bit longer. Thanks in advance!
  4. <<FeC>> Doublex100


    Hello everyone! I am a gaming youtuber who mostly plays Minecraft and I am looking for some people to collaborate and record with (long-term). I currently only have 30 subs fyi. (RESPOND TO THIS THREAD WITH ALL OF THE INFORMATION IN ORDER). The Requirements. I would prefer to collaborate with...
  5. A

    My longest piece yet! - 10 Minutes of My Life

    This is the longest piece I've ever created! Took almost 2 weeks to make. Hope you like it :).
  6. Fee007


    New nail channel!! A different approach to nail art tutorials!!
  7. ChaseAndFriends

    When did you notice your channel started to grow?

    I would like to start off by saying that I DO NOT DO YOUTUBE FOR FAME! I don't do YouTube so no one will watch either though...lol. I didn't come to complain though!!! I've been doing YouTube for four and a half months now and really enjoy it! I feel like I have pretty good content and...
  8. xingcat

    Mens Long Hair: First Haircut After 2.5 Years

    Since I started documenting my long hair growth process, I've mentioned getting a haircut. Now, I've finally done it!
  9. mattcole

    video looks bad hours after processing is done

    ive been experiencing extremely long processing time, and then after it says its done, it still looks very bad quality for hours and hours and hours. my latest upload "finished" processing 7 hours ago and still looks very blocky and pixelated, even in 1080p 60fps. but the thing is, that and 720p...
  10. Deltoy

    How Long Should an Intro Be?

    Let's face it -- People have short attention spans these days. So how long should an intro be? Should you even have an intro? Because people say it should be no shorter than 15 seconds max. When I make an intro I want it to be short and get right to the point. So I will make a poll on this.