Hello everyone! I am a gaming youtuber who mostly plays Minecraft and I am looking for some people to collaborate and record with (long-term). I currently only have 30 subs fyi. (RESPOND TO THIS THREAD WITH ALL OF THE INFORMATION IN ORDER).

The Requirements.

I would prefer to collaborate with people around my age (12-14 will do). If you happen to have an empty superflat Minecraft server that would be great! I would also like it if you live not too far from the US (so that Internet connection won't be too bad). BIGGEST RULE: NO CUSSING ON MAH CHANNEL!

Contact Information.

So. Make sure that you have discord so that we can talk together during our videos (duh). I would also like to have your email and youtube channel name.

Other games.

If you have any other online games for Mac or PC, please tell me. I might be able to get it.
Hey, i'm interested in recording with you. I can easily have a flat world server, I live in the US, I have Discord, my email is, and my Youtube channel name is just Optimisticshyguy (that's pretty much my name for anything). I only have two questions though. 1. I do cuss on my channel but as long as I keep it PG on yours can we still collab? 2. I have all the requirements except i'm 15 going on 16, is that a problem?
I'm 14, I have a Youtube channel and minecraft. I had a flat server but not again and I don't really cuss on my channel