Subscribing to the channels of people who promised to subscribe to mine.....and they did not.

You've to be careful with every subreddit's rules. No doubt they would hate hit-and-runners (I got that during my first visit because Reddit's a special creature) but be nice, helpful and only link your content when requested. Once you've established yourself even more, post your own content once in a while.

Recently I tried to enter a fairly inactive and small subreddit just to test the water, had my content downvoted. But on another subreddit I frequented more regularly, it was the totally opposite. Here's the image as a proof.

To embrace Reddit, you must love it as a community. Be more active, and you'd eventually see success with it. True story.

You are lucky my friend. Which subreddit are you in? I am at the smallyt and youtube startups and found no luck :crying:
I definitely get the need to want to "get something on the books" I'm sure many of us have been on that sub4sub train. I personally found it to be more of a headache than it's worth. For those who actually honor the sub4sub, they usually go back and unsub later..forcing me to have to go back and unsub I can't be certain about this but my theory is if youtube monitors something (subs gained, lost,..etc), then somehow it affects your channel/stats/ranking. (but then again I could just be The most effective method that I've found is simply leg work. I go to channels similar to mine and interact with others (not begging for others to check out my channel) but simply replying to others comments with something useful..or agreeing..etc. You'll be surprised at how many of those guys end up checking out your channel. Yeah it's a long hard road but at least you know those subs will stick and genuinely have an interest in your niche. Good luck
I think sub4sub is very manipulative. If they subbed back to you, then they will lurk on your updates and not try to watch one of your videos.
I'm sure if i upload videos, my sub4subber will only lurk for sure.
I experienced that too. Well to me we tried it just to see how it works and yeah we discovered that you get subs some unsub and mostly will not really watch your content. But somehow you will need them so that a little traffic would come in to your channel if it it is really zero at first. I suggest you just set a goal of how many subs you need then after reaching that goal you stop. And let your channel grow naturally. Atleast you earned a little as a start.
I had an old channel about 2012, and i did Sub for Sub because i was like 11 and thought it was cool. No one will be active. I had about 200 subs and got 10 views. (no comments or likes) Then i started a channel in 2013 because i Knew what to do and what not to Do. I learned from my Mistakes! Then i grew and worked hard until last year. I was inactive alot and lost some active viewers due to school. Slowly coming back on the grind again.

Here's how it works :
You sub them and they sub back. You don't watch their videos because you are focused on Subbing to more people for a Sub back. Your sub count adds up but you get about 5 views on a video. It's NOT WORTH IT. Those are just as fake as paid subs. Please don't do it.

How it should be done :
Interact and just make videos and start off slow, then keep going. be Motivated. GRIND IT OUT! :p

However i can't stop anybody from doing anything, but i can influence. :)

Thank you if you read this!
That's why you should never do sub for sub! You never know who's really going to subscribe back. There is no way to know they subscribed back.