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  1. Dutchie Abroad

    Why Sub for Sub hurts your channel

    Everyone has been there. You look at your subscriber amount and it just won't budge. But you really want to reach that 100, 500, 1000 subscriber count! And then the notification comes in. "Hey cool channel, I'll sub to you if you sub me back." And you think "Cool. Another sub, just what I...
  2. T


    Recently I've been really unmotivated to upload and would love to collab with someone to get me back into recording, My timezone is GMT. I'm looking to make funny moments videos like Fitz's so you must be able to take jokes _Games I play_ -CsGo -Fortnite -Call of duty WW2 -Rocket League...
  3. Valentinas Playhouse

    Kids Outdoor Movie Theater Party

  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers

  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips


    SUB4SUB, BUYING SUBSCRIBERS & VIEWS, SPAMMING COMMENTS - THINGS NOT TO DO ON YOUTUBE [CHAT & Q&A] There are many bad habits that some small YouTubers lean on to try and grow their channel. Sub 4 Sub, Buying Subscribers, Buying Views, Spamming Comment Sections, View Bots, Subscriber Bots, View...
  6. VRONA

    I Apparently Have Subscriber Jumps That are "Suspicious"

    So in the past two weeks, two different people said I have "suspicious" subscriber growth rate and subscriber activity, when I asked them for advice. They said it looks as if I done sub4sub or got a whole bunch of fake subscribers. Here is a good example on a thread where I asked "What Could...
  7. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Sub4Sub? How This Can HURT Your YouTube Channel

    Sub 4 Sub? Should I Sub4Sub? Getting YouTube Subscribers can be hard when starting out and people always ask How To Get YouTube Subscribers. But begging for subs, buying subscribers and trading subscribers in Sub for Sub could be hurting your channel and may even get your YouTube Channel banned...
  8. Qball


    Support me by viewing my livestream and subscribing to my channel. THanks!!
  9. Annette Regina

    Subscribing to the channels of people who promised to subscribe to mine.....and they did not.

    I didn't expect to be disappointed by fellow you tubers who, like me, are looking for subscribers. Is there a way this can be tracked? I'm working on high quality relatable content and I am sure I'll eventually get the subscribers but for now I need to market my channel as much as I can.
  10. Bola

    I want to know who unsub me?

    is there any App or setting to know who unsub me? Tired of people begging for sub for sub and when you do they unsub later. Please any help with this ?
  11. Ayden TravelsandToys

    Do you get SUBS by SUBBING to others?

    Is it customary for YouTubers to sub to others to get subs back in the initial phase of devolopment and growth?
  12. S

    Review request

    Hello, I'm a new member as you can probably guess. I'm a 13 year old girl who is obsessed with bath bombs, candles and YouTube. I started a channel and the videos aren't that good but I'm learning as I go. I would love some feedback in areas I could improve. I know sound and lighting definitely...
  13. M

    Your channel is a product. Sell it!"

    Your channel is a product. Sell it!" - I try to remind people often about how their channel is a brand, and they are representing that brand of theirs with all of their interactions with their YouTube account and any other social media with the same name/icon. Represent yourselves well!
  14. javacentral

    Took a challenge to find the worst store brand coffee I could find

    And man, it was rough! Not going to lie, I had some pretty crappy video. If there are any changes you think I could do, I'm open ears!
  15. GabrielleKyle

    Other Looking to Collab!!!

    Hey everyone. My name is Gabrielle! I'm a new youtube partner and looking to collab. Im trying to reach as many audiences as possible! If youre interested in a collab, let me know!
  16. Big_Eek

    Ways to grow?

    What are some ways to grow om YouTube? Things like sub for sub or just grinding through it?? Any thoughts?