What are some ways to grow om YouTube? Things like sub for sub or just grinding through it?? Any thoughts?
just grind through it mate sub 4 sub wont help you views you will only just have a bunch of subscribers not watching your videos
This is between me and you man.

A 100% sure fire way to get subs fast.
Five easy steps.


gotta make a youtube account, it's hard and also google plus but it could be worse man trust me.


Eat a lot of vegetables. This does not have a lot to do with getting more people to check out your stuff but it's good to stay healthy. Love you kiss kiss


When making your videos
Always and I mean ALWAYS

Play dubstep.
People love it trust me I should know all of my videos consist of dubstep (no they don't)


Always ask for sub4sub people think it's pretty neato and nice of you to sub to them or something.

They really like it trust me.

They. REALLY. like it

(no they don't)

Step 5

If you want to be big you are going to have to make some sacrifices
I already gave YouTube my cat and my family photos.
It's a price we all have to pay.

In all seriousness just make videos
If they are good people will come.
If they are bad
well oh well.
If you dont care about money you can use Adwords campaign by just paying some dollars.
But this step must be after you make quality contents.
The first reply is the one that really did it for me. Plus, the dude's name is my name backwards, so... there's that.

The market is absolutely replete with wannabe YouTubers right now, thanks to Pewds and others like him. The only way to be genuinely successful is to grind it out, be patient, and most of all, be genuine. Sub for sub isn't a genuine way to build a community. It's a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, and then never we'll never watch each other's content again" approach.

I'm new at this, but it's already quite clear to me that the answer to your question is as follows, more or less in this order:

1) ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Do not do it for the subs or the money. Stop it.
2) Have confidence/faith in your content/self. Back to #1, if you are constantly feeling like not enough people care about you, it will show in your content.
3) Make a steady, reliable stream of content. This advice comes straight from a top YouTuber. Generate content and don't stop. Do it on a schedule your viewers can see and track.
4) Present yourself as if you were talking to your dream audience. Make your channel and videos look like your ideal viewer expects them to look like.
5) Involve yourself in YouTube communities like this one and others. Actually participate. People will see you and begin to respect you for who you are.
6) Involve yourself in communities related to your content, like forums for games you play. Same as above.
7) Create a wide social media footprint. Kind of like the two above, this just gives you more avenues to interact with a potential audience.

There may be more to it, but I'm still learning. Food for thought.