Thanks for the advice! I made a Twitter account and will post some stuff there. Although I was actually asking about attracting new people on those platforms. There don't seem to be any groups or anything like that on Twitter, so is there a way to showcase your channel besides from your personal tweets? Is everything really about the hashtag?
I've been having a bunch of success with a George Twitter account (for my character George the Self Esteem Cat). He's a funny guy and talks about how to have good self-esteem, so I do a couple of small jokes per day, as well as a couple of self-esteem tips and tricks. I also make sure to interact with the people I've connected to and who have connected to me, just liking and commenting on their posts.

It seems to be helping. Mostly, it's being sincere and making sure the only thing you do isn't just say, "Hey, new video!" because that will seem too self-serving.
Great advice. "George the Self Esteem Cat" sounds adorable I'm going to go check it out right now :)