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  1. BullMoose

    Pink Powa too strong | Retro Games

    There was a time when I was really good at this game....
  2. BullMoose

    No biting, just TKO's | Mike Tyson's Punch-out

    The nostalgia is real...
  3. Bit More Pixel

    Roast Another Gaming Channel (what is your first impression)

    Hello YTtalk Members, I want you to help me to get my Channel better in terms of visualisation and enjoyness. There are thousends of channnels like mine and its hard to bypass one or another. I am more the Retro Gamer, thats why it calls Pixel :). Tell me the first impression that you get, when...
  4. SeanFace101

    Jak & Mackenzie: Minecraft Explosions (Xbox One)

    Minecraft Explosions on the Xbox One by Jak and Mackenzie! Jak Quinn and Mackenzie playing Minecraft on the Xbox One blowing things up, making explosions and setting things on fire! This is on Jak's Xbox One console and Jak's Minecraft game using Mackenzie's Xbox One controller.
  5. Skulletgirl


  6. BossKnight

    Gaming Video game reviews

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to network with people that do similar content that I do, which seems to be harder than it should be. Do you review video games? Do you play or talk about retro video games? Are you a Wahoo fan? Do you know what a Googleplex is? If someone put a Beedrill up against a...
  7. Shen Demoni

    Shen Demoni: Weird, Obscure, Classic playthroughs

    Hey There, Paesanos! I'm Shen Demoni and I'm more than happy to tell you about my channel! What's a Paesano you ask? Well, it means Friend in Italian, of course! I got this channel going about a year ago, producing playthroughs of strange games, even some that are seldom seen and games ranging...
  8. BossKnight

    Top 9 Super Mario Bros. Facts - The Classic Nerd

    Super Mario Bros. turned 30 years old last year and I bet you didn’t know these top 9 facts about Super Mario Bros.
  9. Keegan Z

    Every subscriber counts, right? 10 subscribers the dream!

    With 40 videos to my belt and counting, 455 views on them already, and a slowly-but-surely growing subscriber count currently sitting at 10 subs, I'm pretty much impressed with myself The fact that I'm actually getting some followers of the work I put into my hobby, out of all the time that I...
  10. BossKnight

    Road Rash - The Classic Nerd - Episode 10

    The Classic Nerd reviews Road Rash for the PSX to see if this port can live up to it's original.
  11. BossKnight

    The Pagemaster - The Classic Nerd - Episode 9

    The Classic Nerd reviews The Pagemaster to figure out why this game was ever made!
  12. ParoDeeJay

    "Atari" - A Retro Gaming Parody of "Sorry" by Justin Bieber

    Welp, this is one part music, one part gaming, and two parts comedy, all smashed together into an 8-bit mess in our no-budget home recording studio. We're just having fun, so hope you enjoy our nonsense... :D It's monetized, because it's obviously copyright claimed, so most all your money...
  13. That BioMechanical Dude

    Social Media tips

    I have to admit, I'm a complete social media noob. I only have a Facebook profile and I barely do anything with it. However, having a social media presence can be good for your channel. So, OK, I guess I can make a Facebook page and a Twitter account for my channel, but I come to the question...
  14. BossKnight

    Friday the 13th - Classic Nerd - Episode 8

    Friday the 13th for the Nintendo Entertainment System is often called the worst game of all time. The Classic Nerd has decided to take on the challenge of reviewing this turd to find out the truth!