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As everyone should know it's hard to get recognized on youtube these days. I'm blessed to have over 2,000 subscribers right now considering I've only been active on youtube since about Feb. of this year. A lot of people have spent a year or more trying to reach just 500 to 1,000 subscribers. I'm going to try and help out as many small youtubers as I can as I feel this is the right thing to do. There has been a lot of drama on youtube the past few months with bigger youtubers and I want to try to bring some positivity to youtube.

What are the requirements for this shout out you may ask? I only have simple requirements.

- Have good quality content.
- Watch my previous video.
- Comment on my previous video.
- Like the shoutout video + the previous video.
- Share with your friends etc.

I do not require you to "subscribe" to me or any of the other stuff that most of the "shout out series" do. They are not helping their channel or the people they're shouting out in any way. What happens is the person who shouts out others with silly requirements gets all these subscribers who only sub to him for his shout outs and not his content. The person usually requires his "subscribers" or rather (people who only want a shout out) to subscribe to the "shout out winners". The outcome of this is a chain of inactive subscribers. If you check most of the peoples channels who do shout out series most of them have a lot of subscribers with very low views on their other videos and lots of likes / comments / views on their shout out video. Sure they may gain a few "loyal" subscribers but their subscriber to view ratio will be absolutely horrible.

If you feel like your channel deserves a shout out, drop a comment below, DM me on here, or contact me via youtube either in the comments or my DM's. I will try my best to do one of these videos every week. I will shout out 3 people per video (4 if I shout out a subscriber.)

I also have this posted on another forum which is receiving a lot of positive feedback.

Since I'm not allowed to post videos here, you can find the shout out series on my channel. I have 3 shout out videos so far. I haven't missed a week since I started it.
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Good motives ! Im not sure if this is limited to gaming channels, but if it's not i would love to get some more attention - if you feel like my videos are worthy to shout out of course :)

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This is a great series you've got going! Very helpful to the community! I might be late but if you ever do another shout out series I'd be interested in being one of those small channels featured!