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  1. ShireenPlaysYT

    How To Raise Money on YouTube

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me - I got inspired by the Dancember that was RT'd around Twitter last month, I always thought that I couldn't raise money because I have a small channel but now I see that I can but I don't know where to start. I want to raise money for causes...
  2. Scandinavian Freckles

    They scam small youtubers!

    Hi everyone, So I was approached to shout this company out and I found out so many other "smaller" youtubers have before me BUT !!! It's all a scam! Don't fall for this, check out my new video and you will see what I mean !!
  3. ShireenPlaysYT

    Sponsorships for small gaming channels

    Hello everyone, I have recently been interested in getting sponsorships for my channel and I would like some advice on how to do that - I know there is a lot of grund to cover and I have watched multple videos about it but if someone can give me a short guildeline to start it would be more than...
  4. TheFreshBiz

    Spreadsheet to Calculate Performance Needed for New YPP

    Hey Youtubers, I found a thread on reddit with a useful spreadsheet that calculates the performance you need by Feb. 20th to stay within YouTube's new partnership program. Just plug in your stats (watch time and subscribers) and it breaks down your actual performance vs. recommended performance...
  5. Kaitlyn Moore

    Locked - Why Doesn't YouTube Help Out Smaller Channels?

    Okay so YouTube sent out this Email which linked to one of their blog posts I posted the blog post at the bottem of this post. And to me it seems like YouTube is against small channels and doesn't want us to grow.. It's really getting annoying at this point like they won't help anyone out and...
  6. ShireenPlaysYT

    How to establish a dedicated audience?

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to this website but it has helped me a lot in the time that I've been here. I've had my gaming channel for five years and I love being a YouTuber but the problem is that I don't know how to gain a dedicated audience or a fan base? I think a lot of small...
  7. Crum

    Gaming FIFA 17 and Overwatch (Xbox One)

    How is it going ladies and gentleants! Currently looking for a collab on either FIFA or Overwatch for Xbox One. Need a decent mic Not bothered about channel size, just if content is good quality! Comment on my channel or get in touch on Twitter if interested! Cheers lads :D Twitter: @crumhd
  8. sparkypi

    Big Vs Small YouTubers (short)

    ...And Programmers
  9. L

    Gaming 33 subs small MCPE Collaberators wanted

    I am a small youtuber with 33 subscribers and I am looking to collab with someone for Minecraft PE videos. Needs discord or teamspeak. 13+ age
  10. CamachoGaming

    Gaming LOOKING for LOVELY youtubers to collab with and do HILARIOUS GAMING videos!!

    Hey whats up guys! So as my title says, I'm looking for other youtubers like myself to do collaborations with. What better way to grow bigger than with other people who have the same goal as me? XD The style of video I make are short 10 minute funny moment clips and montages with background...
  11. Malasia

    Get to know me tag! ♡

  12. darkstarmedia

    Underrated YouTubers?

    I'm pretty sure, if prompted, we could make an extensive list of YouTubers we feel are "overrated", who don't live up to the hype surrounding them, all that nonsense. But I'm not here to talk about that. I want positivity! We've all (probably) subscribed to someone who makes groundbreaking...
  13. GucciCarry

    Shout Out Sunday (Promoting Smaller Youtubers)

    As everyone should know it's hard to get recognized on youtube these days. I'm blessed to have over 2,000 subscribers right now considering I've only been active on youtube since about Feb. of this year. A lot of people have spent a year or more trying to reach just 500 to 1,000 subscribers. I'm...
  14. Adelle

    Commenting on Even Smaller YouTubers' Videos?

    I have seen a lot of people who just go to a video with a small youtuber on it, comment on it and hope that the person will respond friendly enough so they can get a new subscriber. Does this tactic really work?? I was thinking of trying this one day, but I really just CAN'T do that to someone...
  15. RavenAlixis

    Beauty/Makeup COLLABORATION???!!

    hey guys! I have a subscriber count of 40 subscribers and I would love to collaborate with someone thats in that same range! I would love to do a lookbook, how i style, closet staples or anything of that sort! I would also be willing to do a makeup look too!
  16. SullyGunther

    Small YouTubers ASSEMBLE

    HELLO PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET AND BEYOND! I think that Youtubers with less than 1000 subs should band together and help each other out. We are all struggling to make it, so let us have a symbiotic YouTube partnership! [especially people other than gamers, sorry but y'all are less than a dime a...
  17. Occasional Vlog

    a random puppy and dinner with the belt friends. daily vlog #15

    A concoction of bits and bobs made for a contentedly busy day yesterday, finishing up at the local pub. Can't complain. EJ x #dailyvlog #smallyoutube #familyvlog #familylife #marriedlife #kids
  18. Roots_97

    *Attention all Small YouTubers*

    Hey there everyone:) It's Roots from LifeAsRoots. I'm an 18 year old female who loves documenting, editing and posting videos! I want to start a thread to encourage one another to keep putting out content! I know people say don't focus too much on the views and subs but sometimes numbers can be...
  19. HelloKeyy

    Is YouTube Just A Big Fame/ Number Game?

    I personally HATE the idea of having "small youtubers" and "big youtubers". I think once a youtuber gets to a certain number, they act all high and mighty and let the #'s get to their head and think because they have more #'s they think it's okay not to be friends w/ people who isn't on their...
  20. Tyler Boyd

    This is a Thread for Vloggers.

    A key component about being successful at vlogging is a relationship with your viewers. That being said, many vlogging channels (like mine) are small and I wanted to use this thread for other small vloggers to meet each other. Comment below some things about yourself. I'll start: - My name is...
  21. Zachary Thomas

    Quitting Youtube

    Alright so the title is somewhat click bait but I'm starting this new series called "Social Sitdowns" its mostly just me speaking my mind on different things. The first video is out now Tell me what you think!
  22. Deanishes

    Vlog Youtube Bucket List Collab

    Hi All, I'll be organising a collab in the first two weeks of January. However, I thought I would post it here a bit sooner to make sure I get the numbers I want. The idea is simple, record yourself saying the following: "Hi, my name is <name> from <channel name>", 10 second pause. "My top...
  23. Deanishes

    I Hosted my first collab!

    Hi All, So it's been about two weeks since I joined the YTTalk Community, and through it I found a few people to do a collab with (Natnip, KEVOzWorld, JeddyJay). A few people dropped out, but in hindsight it probably would have been two many. The Collab idea was interesting to me. I got people...
  24. Zman

    Free video editing?

    Hello i was wondering if anyone knows a good video editing software because unfortunately i cant get something like Sony Vegas or something else thank you -Zman201
  25. Luigi Lottino

    The Selfish Truth.

    Hi everyone! SO firstly, this is NOT an attack on YouTubers or anyone on this forum. So calm yourselves :) I am more so posing a question that I feel all YouTubers (especially newbies like me) should constantly be thinking about. One of the biggest attractions about YouTube (for me at least)...