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Hi All,

So it's been about two weeks since I joined the YTTalk Community, and through it I found a few people to do a collab with (Natnip, KEVOzWorld, JeddyJay). A few people dropped out, but in hindsight it probably would have been two many.

The Collab idea was interesting to me. I got people who had not seen Star Wars before and asked them some basic star wars questions.

A few questions if anyone out there can answer them:
1. How do you make sure people don't drop out, is it common?
2. Should I be strict on deadline times? I didn't want to sound like the Grinch.

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Haha! Nice one. Congrats on your first collab.

I'm a huge Star Wars fan myself (gonna check the new one out tonight), but it's fun to see how little other people know of what I thought was almost common knowledge :)