Vlog Youtube Bucket List Collab


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Hi All,

I'll be organising a collab in the first two weeks of January. However, I thought I would post it here a bit sooner to make sure I get the numbers I want.

The idea is simple, record yourself saying the following:
"Hi, my name is <name> from <channel name>",
10 second pause.
"My top bucket list item is",
pause for 5 seconds.
"<Insert your bucket list item>".

Then, go into a brief explanation of why it's your top bucket list item if you want too.

I'm used to organising smaller collabs, so it's going to be fun organising a big one. I'm looking at at least twenty YouTubers to send me in the clips. Don't edit it down or jump cut, as I need to pauses for my own editing.

If you interested, message below if you have any questions or message me on twitter @Deanishes. I know a few people from this site have messaged me about prior collabs, so I'll try and get in contact if you've messaged me before, but feel free to swing me another message.

If you're ready and willing to send through the footage, you can send it to me via deanishdroid@gmail.com