bucket list

  1. George Hudson


    What's that George has uploaded another video..... BOOM YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!
  2. Boseen

    Bucket list 2017

    It's 2017. New year new me. Instead of resolutions, simple plans that I want to accomplish this year. of course, it's not everything but it's the most important things I want to accomplish this year.These are a few of my bucket list Items
  3. Scandinavian Freckles

    Bucket list part 1 | travelling, building a home & more

    Hi everyone !! I have a new video for you guys and I am so excited about this because I take my bucket list really seriously and I want to get things done. In this video I tell you guys the 19 first things on my bucket list and I will continue the saga :D Hope you enjoy and maybe feel...
  4. Deanishes

    Vlog Youtube Bucket List Collab

    Hi All, I'll be organising a collab in the first two weeks of January. However, I thought I would post it here a bit sooner to make sure I get the numbers I want. The idea is simple, record yourself saying the following: "Hi, my name is <name> from <channel name>", 10 second pause. "My top...