shout out sunday

  1. GucciCarry

    Shout Out Sunday (Promoting Smaller Youtubers)

    As everyone should know it's hard to get recognized on youtube these days. I'm blessed to have over 2,000 subscribers right now considering I've only been active on youtube since about Feb. of this year. A lot of people have spent a year or more trying to reach just 500 to 1,000 subscribers. I'm...
  2. GucciCarry

    Shout Out Sunday #2 (HOW TO GAIN SUBSCRIBERS) [Promoting Smaller Youtubers]

  3. GucciCarry

    Shout Out Sunday #1 (HOW TO GAIN SUBSCRIBERS) [Totally Not Clickbait]

    Most Shout Out series have requirements, this one doesn't. You probably clicked this video thinking I am going to require you to do a whole bunch of things to earn subscribers, well thats not the case. The only requirement is to have good quality content. Heres how this series is going to work...