Shout Out Sunday #1 (HOW TO GAIN SUBSCRIBERS) [Totally Not Clickbait]


I Love YTtalk

Most Shout Out series have requirements, this one doesn't. You probably clicked this video thinking I am going to require you to do a whole bunch of things to earn subscribers, well thats not the case. The only requirement is to have good quality content.

Heres how this series is going to work :
I will TRY to upload one of these videos every Sunday to give (3) youtube channels a shout out if I feel like they deserve it. I will also shout out one of my subscribers based on how active they are with my channel. You don't have to follow any steps in order to get a shout out. If you like the peoples content in which I shout out, drop them a sub. Don't subscribe to them if you don't like their content, inactive subscribers isn't a good thing. You can also drop me a DM or comment below and I'll give you a shout out asap if I feel like you deserve one.

►This week's Shout Outs :