shout outs

  1. Mark Stise

    Shout Outs!! What are the rules on Youtube???

    Hello Everyone!!! One of the things I like doing is Shout outs!!! I'm not the typical Youtuber who will post a video shout out for 50 plus Youtubers on one video. I do one video telling people why I like there channel, website or even restaurant. Generally I do a 2-5 minute video on the...
  2. GucciCarry

    Shout Out Sunday (Promoting Smaller Youtubers)

    As everyone should know it's hard to get recognized on youtube these days. I'm blessed to have over 2,000 subscribers right now considering I've only been active on youtube since about Feb. of this year. A lot of people have spent a year or more trying to reach just 500 to 1,000 subscribers. I'm...
  3. Wheelzy

    My first ever Q&A- About me (will link your channel)

    I am making my 1st Q&A video for my subscribers so they can get to know a little bit more about me. I need help with some of the questions I will answer. If I use your questions I will put a link to your channel in the description. THANK YOU
  4. Tayo

    Competition for YouTubers?

    I've been thinking about this for months now. I think it'd be cool and fun to set up competitions on my channel for other youtubers to get some attention and show off their stuff, but with a channel my size (1.3k), would it really work? I'm worried people won't want to participate b/c they...
  5. MegaCrasher

    I do weekly channel shout outs :]

    Pretty much as the title says mates. :] if anyone is struggling to grow and would like to get noticed, then hit me up. If you have a YouTube/Facebook and/or twitch that needs a buff, let me know in the comment section on my last Super Saturday shout outs. :] Subscribe, support and stay positive...
  6. Morpheus0316

    Do shoutouts really work?

    What is your opinion on shoutouts do they actually help smaller channels become know? Or is it as bad as sub 4 sub and can actually hurt the channel. I personally haven't received a shout out,but I don't think that it really helps smaller channels. When i mean smaller channels I mean channels...
  7. Onister Gaming

    Giveaway And Shout outs?

    Plz tell me if you liked the video
  8. javacentral

    Will it Creamer ideas?

    I do a monthly video that's on random and unique coffee creamers. If you have a funky idea for it, let me know and I'll shout you out and try it out!