The Potato Walrus

I've Got It
Hey there, I'm really in need of an outro, and I'm willing to fork out $15 in yttalk cash to whoever makes a good one that I can use. I would prefer if you made it originally, without anything else.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, btw.

Also, I will definitely give you a shout-out on my channel for making it. I have over 120 subs, if that matters.


For all of you tech savvy people, I want it to be like an 8-bit Pokemon thing in black and white, of a pixelated potato in the middle of the screen, and in the message box, down below, it should say, 'Wat? This potato is evolving'

Then it does an evolution sequence (with music), and it turns into a pixelated walrus, and says, 'Potato has evolved into a walrus!'

Then it says, 'The Potato Walrus' at the end in white, on black background, with the walrus under the text, the walrus blinks once (preferably a "bouncy" blink, where his head moves down when he blinks, and back up when he opens his eyes), and the entire screen does a fade-out transition.

Also, if you think that $15 is too low, especially for a project like this, I will be willing to make an offer.


Also, if there is more than one intro posted below, I will pick the one I like best, but I will also give everyone else who made one a couple dollars (if possible) for making them for me.
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