1. Clueless Comrades

    Last Night We Hit 3,000 Total Views!!!

    Hell Yeah making progress! We Started almost exactly 7 months ago and we are still going up! Looking forward to 2018, got big plans in store!! Hope you guys are hitting your goals too! Let's all get to the top!!!
  2. helloimtim

    doing it for the $$$

    Why are so many people only making videos to become rich or popular on YouTube. What happened to just making your videos because you love filming the stuff you do? I see so many threads where people are asking each other how much money they make or if they are "making full time money".. I'm...
  3. JakPak52

    Gaming Delete Post & Account

    *Delete Post*
  4. T

    Gaming The Forest Collab

    anyone down to play the forest and record it once a week? I have 44 subscribers myself so I don't really care how many you have. The only thing I ask is that you are aged between 15-19. Possibly older. If you're interested please DM me on twitter: @x5G1G or email me at
  5. Jawad Soomro


    As I escaped the Nave, monsters attacked me and locked me in the cell. I have to get the key to get out of this mess. I need to fill the water in the bucket to push the key out of the pipe. The key is rusty as it was trapped in the pipe since long time. If anyone escape the prison, one should...
  6. VoltiacYT

    Gaming Mature YouTube Gaming Group - Multiple Games

    Hey guys, my name is Aoryx. I'm 14 years old, and in primary school. Im from Canada. Im also searching for a group of mature youtubers, who are looking for a group to hang out and have fun with. Specifications: - Be AT LEAST 13 years of age. - Be nice (duh). - Upload videos regularly...
  7. 3Bit


    Here is my latest rant video for The VGHD youtube channel! Enjoy!
  8. TheMix

    Behind The Scenes?

    We create many skits on our channel and our editor has kept all of the footage for each of these videos. We're kind of on the edge on releasing behind the scenes moments for each video respectively. Do you think it's worth the effort? Will our audience enjoy them? What are your previous...
  9. terror569

    Female Streamer Blowing Some Mic [PARODY]

    Like really I'm not kidding bros.
  10. Tuskan

    Happy Wheels #1 Bringing Those Fresh Beats!

    Today I uploaded a video on Happy Wheels and had plenty of fun trying to help Timmy today! He is such a rascal. Stay Toasty with this video!
  11. paigelknowles

    Do You Have A Problem Sitting Still?

    Well so do I and I made a time-lapse to prove it! Watch it to see what I mean! :bounce:
  12. S

    Gaming PS4 Collaboration

    Hey what's happening! I'm 21, and new to Youtube, which led me to thinking that a collaboration with one or more other Youtubers could benefit my knowledge of the how to/what to do when creating a watchable and entertaining video. Not only am I looking to improve my videos, having recently...
  13. The Potato Walrus

    Request Requesting an Intro! Make offer!

    Hey there, I'm really in need of an outro, and I'm willing to fork out $15 in yttalk cash to whoever makes a good one that I can use. I would prefer if you made it originally, without anything else. Thank you for taking the time to read this, btw. Also, I will definitely give you a shout-out...
  14. Jawad Soomro


    As we go down the storage, there are three ways we can choose to go. I went to the left where I collected the tinderboxes. Then I went to the front, but the wall is blocked, so we need an explosive to break the wall. We can go to the other entrance down and collect the 3 drill parts, each from...