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Hey what's happening!

I'm 21, and new to Youtube, which led me to thinking that a collaboration with one or more other Youtubers could benefit my knowledge of the how to/what to do when creating a watchable and entertaining video.

Not only am I looking to improve my videos, having recently bought more hardware of higher quality (to ensure my commentaries run smoothly), but I am also looking to find a group of friends i can play Playstation 4 games with (new and old) on a regular basis when/if we share the same free time.

I am Australian, which is somewhat of a disadvantage given our population is small compared to that of other countries and in turn, our Gaming Youtubers numbers are small also, meaning that i may struggle to collaborate with foreign parties but I am willing to give it a go!

I want to make videos on PS4 games despite the fact I also play/record little PC aswell.
Game I currently own on the Playstation 4 console include:
Rainbow Six Siege
The Division
Farcry Primal

And I am more than willing to purchase new releases when required so that our channels content may be up-to-date and interesting to our viewers.

This is the first thread/post etc. that i have posted regarding collaboration and any messages/tips/tricks or suggestions are openly accepted as I am still very much at the learning stage of Youtube as a whole.

My Channels Name is SkinnyMongoose, perhaps before considering a collaboration with me you might want to check out a couple of my videos to see if what I create is what you're looking for, and a few tips on how to better my videos would be appreciated :) Thanks for having a read and I hope to hear from you soon!

... I have a quality microphone (Rode Podcaster) and all the software/capture devices necessary to record my/our gameplay at a high standard so I'm ready to start immediately and am more than keen to do so..

Sorry if this thread came across as extremely formal, i am, in reality, very casual :)
hey SkinnyMongoose I am also looking to collab I have 232 subscriber and I play most of the games you play if you are up for it message me on twitter or my YouTube channel both are just NoiseyHD
Hey what's up guys, I'm 16 and from Canada, would anybody like to collab with me, I play PS4. The games I play are FIFA and black ops 3. I also have gta v. I just started making YouTube videos and I only have 1 sub. Please let me know if you want to collab or message me on twitter @WWalji786. Thanks!