group recording

  1. RTBFrebel

    Gaming Is You Funny? Or NAW?

    Hoi everyone! I'm attempting to make new friends and create some funny and entertaining content on both YouTube and Twitch. The main focus of this is to have fun, make some funny moments, and entertain. I am hoping this can be a long lasting group that can make each other laugh. I have a Discord...
  2. BrownyGamingTime

    Gaming 7 Days To Die (PC) Collaboration

    There is about 3 of us so far who are going to be collaborating on this game, we even have our own server. Looking to add a few more people to the group of survivors so that we can have a bit more fun and build a strong base. Requirements: Good mic Have Discord Friendly Comment below or...
  3. J

    Gaming Looking for PS4 gamers with Mics

    Hey guys, I have a small channel with 103 subscribers, but I get a decent amount of views. (Anywhere from 50-3,000. Average around 250) My main goal is to get a group of guys playing, similar to some of the larger YouTube gamers today. We won't hit 20 million subs, but we'll have fun and...
  4. S

    Gaming PS4 Collaboration

    Hey what's happening! I'm 21, and new to Youtube, which led me to thinking that a collaboration with one or more other Youtubers could benefit my knowledge of the how to/what to do when creating a watchable and entertaining video. Not only am I looking to improve my videos, having recently...
  5. GoldenRusher

    Gaming Classock / YT Gaming Group

    Hey, my name is GoldenRusher, and I have been looking for a group to join for quite a while. Now, I've been through a various amount of groups, none which really "interested" me. So, I decided to start my own YT Group called Classock (Class-awk). I really wanted to meet some new people, and make...
  6. gysocksYT

    Gaming Started a gaming group

    Hello There! So i started a gaming group and I would like to know if anybody would like to join we have a website and a group channel that has 20 subscribers. 1. Must have 20 or more subscribers. 2. Need to have a good mic. 3. Must have a Skype or Gmail. 4. Age Needs to be 13 and up. 5. Must...
  7. TheHazzaBird

    Gaming New Group ( Gaming Tube ) Looking For People !

    Hi guys im 16 and i am a small youtube channel ( 118 subs) i am look for other youtubers around my size that are willing to be in my new youtube group i am making called Gaming Tube What Will Gaming Tube Be; gaming tube will be where we all make videos together on our own channels and also...
  8. TheRealOMG

    Gaming Looking for people to group up with (GTA5 & GMOD)

    Hello there, im looking to make a group on youtube for gaming at the moment i play GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 and GARRY'S MOD i will be playing more as time goes but at the moment thats what im in to so i want to forum a group to not just help me but help us all grow on youtube and i see a group a great...
  9. Maximilien Prins-Mills

    Gaming PC Collab? (100 subs min)

    Hey Guys, My name is OfficialStrix and have a channel that creates gaming videos. I am currently looks for some funny people to do collabs with on PC. I mainly would play things like GTA but would love to play any other games such as CSGO. I have 787 subscribers so you would need at least 100...
  10. Frankie95

    Gaming GTA GAMING GROUP (females only)(PS4)

    I'm already in a group and we play and record GTA, and BO3 every week and we're looking to have a mixed group as it doesn't seem like it has been done before on youtube. I haven't posted any GTA videos but I have posted a couple of real life videos.
  11. JMPYT

    Gaming YouTube Gaming Group (GMOD, CSGO, GTA, ETC.)

    Hello Guys. My name is JumpyMotionPictures and I run a gaming channel. My friend and I (YT.COM/TheApexGamingTV) are looking for some funny YouTubers who play Minecraft, CSGO, and GMOD. We also are looking for other games in the future, but these are the ones we currently have, and have...