1. Kannon

    Gaming Looking for people to game with on Youtube.

    Honestly I have gone hard to make youtube videos and create them to help others or just give people a smile. i'm 16 years old, Been doing YouTube for about a year, almost hitting my 100th video, I have 216 subcribers and I want to work with someone. But half of the people I have collaborated...
  2. Branden Morales


  3. krisharper

    Gaming PS4 Gaming Collab

    Hey All! I would love to start a PS4 Gaming Collab! I am new to this forum and to Youtube as an uploader however I am not new to games as I have been playing since the SNES days and would love to share my passion with you guys and the world. A few requirements: - 20+ Age - PG-13. This means...
  4. S

    Gaming PS4 Collaboration

    Hey what's happening! I'm 21, and new to Youtube, which led me to thinking that a collaboration with one or more other Youtubers could benefit my knowledge of the how to/what to do when creating a watchable and entertaining video. Not only am I looking to improve my videos, having recently...
  5. L

    Gaming PS4 Collabs (I'm New to YouTube)

    I'm just starting my YT Channel. I'm 17, willing to play with just about anyone around my age. I have Minecraft for PC My PS4 games consist of: CoD: Black Ops 3 NBA 2K16 NBA Live 16 Battlefield: Hardline Star Wars: Battlefront Rocket League Tom Clancy's The Division If interested: Name...
  6. DefendersOfThePod

    New to the Division? We got you.

    Just got the division? We cover all the basic tips you need to know here! Disclaimer: you may not want to be like us, but you probably do because we're awesome.
  7. vspecialistv

    "Which Is Better?" Destiny vs The Division - PS4

    Hi guys, which is better Destiny or the Division? In this video I talk a little about both games and reasons why one is better than the other, in certain things. Also, its a small channel update ish video, where i talk about what games you guys want to see me play, horror being one of the...
  8. L

    The Division: First Impressions - Character Creation & Storyline Gameplay

    Hey Guys, The Division Beta is here and today I am taking a look at the The Division on PC, showcasing the character creation, combat and questing. Be sure to sit back and relax because it's a long one...But it's goooood! REMEMBER GUYS, LIKE WHAT YOU SEE BE SURE TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!!
  9. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Xbox One Tom Clancy Divison Collab

    Now if your viewing this thread that means that you are interested in to record with me in Tom Clancy - The Division. I have a few requirements, one you must of course have the Xbox 1 and also must have the beta of the division...Yes this is obvious but some people will just want to...
  10. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC - The Division

    Is there anyone who is looking to do a YouTube collab and is also thinking of getting The Division on PC? If so, leave comment! I'd be ery happy if i got some cool people to game with.