intro and outro

  1. Orcullo-Dota and Fortnite

    Services Intro and Outro (Pay what you want)

    Did you want an Intro or Outro for your youtube? Then you are in the right place! - I will make an awesome Intro or Outro for you for just (Pay what you want but not below $1). - I had many customers that enjoyed the Intro or Outro that I made for them. So definitely choose me. Requirements: -...
  2. LaZzy Ghost

    Video outros

    hey i am a youtube gamer. i love playing games and was wondering. how to make a outro for a video. any tips you have i will greatly appreciate.
  3. angietalksalot

    Creating an Awesome FREE Intro & Outro with FilmoraGo

    Hello YTalkers! I am not sure if anyone has posted about this app before but I was so excited to find it I really wanted to share it with you guys! So I found this app called FilmoraGo where you can make fun and cute intros and outros for your videos. Its free to download and it is available...
  4. RankdTV

    Finished/Closed FREE Customized Intro/Outro

    Hello, I utilized Adobe After Effects for Intros & Outros For an example take a look at this one I made for a fellow youtuber Keep in mind, I made this in about 2 hours because it was pretty simple. Example 1: Example 2...
  5. T

    Request YouTube Intro and Outro [Free]

    Hey, I decided to create a youtube channel. I have already edited a video which is waiting to be uploaded but just then I realized I needed an intro/outro. I was wondering if anyone could make me an intro and outro for free. I would give you the credits in the description and thank you at the...
  6. JUSMedia

    Request Need my first Intro, Outro, and Banner ($10 PayPal)

    Trying to set up my channel and am looking for an intro, an outro, and a banner I can pay $10 through PayPal I have a beat on my channel (ADHD) that I want to use as the background music with the first 18-20 seconds as the intro Right now I'm using my logo as both the icon and banner. I don't...
  7. W

    Request Intro

    I was wondering if there was anyone who could possibly make me a cool intro and maybe some banner art. I have a intro now but I've had it for a while and was looking to have different visuals. I want to clerify that I need this for free. Thank you guys, and have a nice day/night.
  8. Schulti Media

    Request Is there a website for free intros without watermark?

    Hi guys! Is there a website for free intros without watermark that I can actually use for monetized videos? Nothing fancy, just a short and simple intro. Thanks! :)
  9. MelonHeadG

    Request Need an intro for my new gaming channel :)

    Whats up guys, I have decided i am going to get back into YouTube because of how much fun I actually have playing and recording these games. Im just setting up my channel now and I have a basic banner and a really basic profile picture. I've gathered some content, and I'm ready to begin...
  10. javacentral

    I made a new intro today!

    So I made a new intro, inspired by my old one, and I think it is quite nifty. Tell me what ya think about it and if I should tweek it any.
  11. GoodWithGraphics


    Yo, what is up everyone. im GoodWithGraphics, here today to bring you guys some FREE GFX and/or Intros. MY ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU SHOUT ME OUT WHEN YOU GET THE INTRO OR LET ME PUT "MADE BY GoodWithGraphics" SMALL IN THE CORNER OF THE GFX depending on how well done you want them, intros...
  12. Little World View

    Is my Intro too long?

    Let me know what you think? Does it drive away people? Could it be longer/shorter? Would you even recommend me use in intro for the next one?
  13. CTReactions

    Request [$10 YTCash] Logo, Banner, Intro & Outro

    Hello! I have just started up a brand new vlog channel called Brian's Vlog & Talk so I am willing to pay $10 in YTCash for each product provided if used! Please find details below for each request, although they are basically just simple and standard pointers.
  14. FestusFX

    New "Epic" 3D Intro | Cool Sync & Effects

    Hey guys, I Make "Free"' 3D Intro's for Small/Big YouTube Channel :') Check me here : FestusFX <= It's my YouTube Channel
  15. xKaii

    Request Can someone make me a free intro/outro for my channel please?

    So hey, my name is Kai and I'm looking for someone to do me a nice intro / outro to be used in my videos. Your link will always be in the description of every video it is used in. Thank you for viewing.
  16. MisguidedGaming

    Requesting a Review For My Starting Channel

    My request I would like to have my channel reviewed on its banner, logo, and intro videos i uploaded (then the others gaming videos once i upload them) The Details of the videos links i want reviewed are below, also the specific aspects of my channel is my branding i made which is the same as...
  17. MisguidedGaming

    Request Need a New intro and outro (3D) and if you want a free channel logo and banner is nice.

    please delete this post i mess up with the title
  18. ParanoiaOrigins

    Request [Free] LF a good Banner, logo, etc. for my YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone my names Paranoia Origins been youtubing for 1 1/2 months now think its 2 i don't know. But anyway straight to the point is that I have been struggling hard with my channel. I've recorded and made over 130 videos between starting of march 1, 2016 to April 22, 2016. So if anyone...
  19. ParanoiaOrigins

    Request LF a Good Video Editor to help with my YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone my names Paranoia Origins been youtubing for 1 1/2 months now think its 2 i don't know. But anyway straight to the point is that I have been struggling hard with my channel, I'm looking for someone who can help me edit my videos to make them more interesting or more interesting...

    Request [FREE] I Need A Custom Themed Intro

    If you can match the intro to my theme, that would be good. Username- ARMEDSPARTAN Thanks :)
  21. Goamas

    Request [PAID] Looking for a professional looking outro.

    Brand new channel, but I'm really gonna hammer it, just went out and bought an AT2020, and a GTX 970 for gameplay, if anyone's interested, please leave an example of previous outro's and your desired price. I am looking for a either 2D or 3D animated outro, with a section for a previous/random...
  22. W

    Request [Free] Splendid Films

    Looking for an awesome intro for my new channel.Free if at all possable.
  23. DJfooddestroyer

    Request [Free] Minecraft Or Normal Intro

    Hey Guys I Need A New Intro As My One Right Now Isnt The Best Thanks If You Can Make One -DJ
  24. Divergence

    Request [Paid] Seeking an intro/outro designer!

    Hi guys, I'm a small channel looking to grow as a Let's player. I'm seeking out a designer for a into and possible logo re-design. Please drop me a message via my advertised email! Oh btw I'm willing to comission as well, depending on rate!
  25. Metallic

    Services Cheap And Amazing GFX Services (Typography, 3D Intro, Banner, Profile Pic)

    Examples: For A Limited Time Only Get cheap professional graphic services to make your youtube channel more attractive, and it turn grow you audience. I have been making intros and GFX for a year and a half now and i would like...
  26. kluless

    The Purpose of an Intro?

    There are a lot of threads here about intro length and other things, but I was wondering what the purpose of an intro really was, in everyone's opinion. I'm thinking it's just to give viewers something familiar to hold on to and to generate positive feelings, but how is everyone else thinking? I...
  27. The Potato Walrus

    Request Requesting an Intro! Make offer!

    Hey there, I'm really in need of an outro, and I'm willing to fork out $15 in yttalk cash to whoever makes a good one that I can use. I would prefer if you made it originally, without anything else. Thank you for taking the time to read this, btw. Also, I will definitely give you a shout-out...
  28. MattFPS

    Request Graphics/Logo/Intro/Outro (Basically Everything)

    Hey Guys!!! As I am starting YouTube I need a unique intro/outro/logo/banner etc and I am a awful graphics designing and need someone to do it for me!! If you are able to send me a sample/taster I would greatly appreciate it!! thanks to anyone that replies and especially to people who hopefully...
  29. JayManOurMusicBox

    Request Music channel needs template video background...Read for info

    Hey there. I am JayMan and I am a musician/producer. I offer free music for videos that anyone can use in their videos and fully monetize. I have a huge library of 5000+ tracks from the years and years of my work that I have put onsite to allow YouTubers to use for free. Although most channels...