People who upload wayy too much

Subscribers doesn't really mean anything.
Views is what brings in the money.
Subscribers is just as good for the following, higher ranking on youtube...more likes and comment. But yeah views does bring in the money but unless you have a viral video or a video that blew up even some great videos won't get a lot of views...I have a ton of awesome IRL vlogs and videos that have very little views, which is why I choose to build my fan base up first. As far as uploading too much I've pumped out 52 videos in like a month and a half. I try to get a vlog up daily if not a story or something because the more content the better chance of growing your channel and getting higher ranked on the tube...but if the content is trash then uploading too much is pointless.
My friend told me he doesn't even look at his subscriber feed but instead just clicks on the channels he subs to and looks at their channels individually.

EDIT: Oh, He also said that if he doesn't want to subscribe to a channel he will like or follow them on facebook and stick them in a separate list. That way he can still be notified of their videos but not in the massive YouTube Feed. Perhaps YouTube could let you subscribe to a channel along with tags for that channel That would be awesome.
Personally, I think "too much" is a matter of perspective. If on a big picture level, the viewers are happy, and are not bothered by the high content volume, then it's not a bad thing.
You can never upload too much. Depending on what the video consists of it will show how much time and effort you dedicate in to making content :)
Who gives a sh*t really, if they are getting positive subs MOST of the time, 5 days out of the week and good views then yeah, they what they do. s**t they're making it work at least, 3 million subs aye.
They aren't uploading way too much at all. Their channel, their rules. If you don't like it, don't sub. Whether it is the most efficient strategy or not it doesn't matter because at the end of the day they can take whatever direction they want for their channel. I am not subbed to them and I don't come close to the amount of uploads per day that they do and don't plan on either but it if works for them, more power to them.
In my opinion, it's all about the content. David Dobrik and The Gabbie Show post 5 times a week on average and I still am interested in their channels individually
Does anyone else feel that some people on YouTube upload wayy too much in one day?

I love The Young Turks don't get me wrong, but 10 videos in the same day?? Really? that adds up to 50 videos in one week.

Why can't they just upload a long video like say an hour and mark times of the video to where certain news clips are? Wouldn't that be a whole lot better than spamming their subscribers?

I'm serioulsy considering unsubscribing from them because their videos fill up my feed and I can't see anyone else.

I don't know which youtuber that is but HOLY COW! 10 videos a day! man I really want to check that channel out now lol. And ya I know exactly what you mean, uploading too much makes the videos feel like nothing even if they are unique and have never been attempted before. Posting a video every few days, assuming its great quality, will really make fans want to click on one of your videos as they will most likely want to hear or see you again :)