People who upload wayy too much

You could always unsub but bookmark their channel. That way, your email inbox won't RIP when they upload bazillion videos a day.
That's a lot of video's :0 jeez do they have time to breathe air? lol jk but wow I can't even manage to make a video everyday yet
Everyone has a different tolerance for subscribing to channels. I do get really burned out on channels that upload more than once per day, but if it's fairly regular, I'm okay with it. The ones who upload nothing for weeks and then dump a bunch of videos in their channel all at once are the ones that tend to annoy me.
The young turks is not a normal Youtube Channel like Vloggers. They are a News channel that relies on a hardcore binge watching audience and non-subscribers that watch them through recommendations, search engine etc..
Also nobody would watch the same amount of time if they Upload a two hour video a are important to them

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I don't like it. YouTube itself recommends that you upload up to 2 videos a day. It's somewhat different for a news channel though. And it's working for them seeing as they have over 100k views in more videos that are over 24 hours old.
I would much rather a news channel like TYT make lots of shorter concise videos than hour long ones. I don't want to have to go to time-codes just to find the only segment that I want to watch. I'd rather just find it in the video list, watch it, and not have to sit through other stuff that I'm not interested in/skip to part of the video.

Also a news channel like TYT, isn't designed for people to go there and watch every single video on the channel. It's like say a gaming channel, where you might not like some of the games you play, so you just watch the ones you enjoy. If the gaming channel only put out say 2 videos a week, and those were both a game you didn't like.. you might find yourself having to wait a week or two just for there to be content to watch. Lots of short videos coming out on different subjects == there's something for everyone.

The only time when really short videos bug me is where it's like one documentary and a channel splits it up into 5-10 minute clips. If it's a documentary designed to be watched in one session, then just make it one (or max two) clips. I like how say Vice actually does their documentaries: If a documentary contains segments about different things, they'll release it both as separate clips, and as a full version with it all together as one documentary.

The other time it bugs me is lets play/gaming videos that are split into less than 5 minute long segments. It just feels too short when you're watching something like a gaming video - unless it's like a montage or "funny moments" clip, I prefer 10 minutes+ per clip at least. SeaNanners used to do this on his channel and even though I always enjoyed his stuff it meant I often went to the channels of the other people he played with to watch from their perspective and see a longer video. Recently he switched to 10+ minute videos and his channel is so much more enjoyable as a result.
Does anyone else feel that some people on YouTube upload wayy too much in one day?

I love The Young Turks don't get me wrong, but 10 videos in the same day?? Really? that adds up to 50 videos in one week.

Why can't they just upload a long video like say an hour and mark times of the video to where certain news clips are? Wouldn't that be a whole lot better than spamming their subscribers?

I'm serioulsy considering unsubscribing from them because their videos fill up my feed and I can't see anyone else.
so i can agree, i feel like there is a such thing as uploading way to much till the point that you will drown out your subscribes. However, there has to be a balance between uploading to little or too much.
not if they are losing subscribers. The could mark time code for each segment or at least hide certain videos from their subscribers then post the rest in the community tab.
It looks like over the last 2 weeks that have had 2 days where they lost subscribers. Every other day is gains. YouTube is business for these guys and they look at net gains. I bet they are not concerned with any losses when at the end of the day it is a positive number. I actually quite like them. I am not subscribed but I get their stuff as suggestions. I like that they are short videos and I can look at the title and decide if I want to watch it. I listen to youtube on the way to work and if they had hour long videos I would not even click. That right there is the whole point. You figure out what people like and roll with it.
You can upload as much as your viewerbase can bare. When you are highly subscribed your viewerbase is vast and they can deal with multiple uploads a week (or even daily).

Personally I would never, no matter how popular I get, upload more than once daily. I give my videos time to breathe, time to be watched and time to gain some views before I upload another.
not if they are losing subscribers. The could mark time code for each segment or at least hide certain videos from their subscribers then post the rest in the community tab.
Subscribers doesn't really mean anything.
Views is what brings in the money.