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Looking for a few people to do videos with, and overall have a good time with.
I'm 16 years old, I live in Ireland, so people around my timezone would be good, but it can still work with others far away if we can sort out a good time together.
Sub count doesn't matter to me, since I myself only have a few, but maybe we can grow together

Youtube name:
Skype name:
Do you have the games? :
Age: 17
Youtube name: Dastardly Dinosaur
Skype name: SpectralK
Do you have the games? : Yes.
Subs: 70
Location: America
Age: 13
YouTube name: DerpMan107
Skype name: hmogge
Do you have the games? : If the game is minecraft then yes I do
Subs: 15
Location: Canada

also nice intro
Hey, so I've been looking for a group of people to play with for awhile now, and mostly what I've found are groups from US timezones, making it awkward for people from my own timezone to play with them.
I'm not going to dismiss anyone from other timezones, but what I'm looking for mainly is people from UK and Ireland to start a youtube gaming group.

My age: 16
Games I want to play with the group:

-Any other games the group wants to

  1. Sub count is not an issue, I myself only have 35.
  2. If not from GMT+0 timezone, try to be free around the evening here.
  3. Must have a decent mic.
  4. 15+
  5. Skype, put your skype name too.
  6. Tell me what games you'd like to play
I'm interested . I'm 15 and from Ireland , I have all the games you mentioned. skype: ryandavey .
hey i would love to play some minecraft and gta tell me if you would like to play and then ill pm you on youtube my Skype.
Hello, names Jason. I am 18 and I live in Newfoundland, Canada. I currently have 35 subs, the same as you. My skype name is infinitcookiez, I have a few games on steam, such as Terraria, TF2, and Don't Starve Together. I also play and mainly record Minecraft. So I'm open to many games. Hope to see you around.
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Age: 13 almost 14... Sound like 15
Youtube name: OriginalGamer
Skype name: awesome_5000 (Don't Ask)
Do you have the games? : Except for the Crew, yes :p
Subs: 68
Location: United States, West Coast
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