1. P

    Gaming Gaming collab group

    Looking to get back into uploading, need 3-4 people 18+ that can be on consistently and have fun without overdoing it. I have xbox and pc, alot of games of each, if interested message me on xbox (gt: pineappleman)
  2. G

    Feedback for proof of concept...

    We have created a proof of concept for a cinematic machinima series known as The Fixers. THE FIXERS follows a group of charismatic rag-tag assassins in an action-packed adventure as they take on some of the dirtiest contracts the city has to offer. However, after angering a seriously dangerous...
  3. A

    Gaming Pc Collab squad

    I am looking for some guys to play with. Must be 20+ ok with swearing fun to play with down with any game even if stupid a good mic Games Fortnite GTAV L4D's Killing Floor Paladins there are more just cant think of anymore right now add me on discord Atoken#1679
  4. Danny Techaholic

    Gaming Looking to Collab, make friends along with better content.

    Hey. My Name is Danny (Daniel). I have a YouTube Channel (obviously :)). It's called "Danny Techaholic". Link to my channel: What I basically do is gaming videos on certain days and make tech deal videos on another day for the fun of it. Most of my friends play console and...
  5. H

    Gaming funny moments videos,ps4,any age is available

    Hi guys,i just want to collab with people.i play games in ps4.but i alo play pc games like csgo and gmod.the games that i normally play in ps4 is call of duty WW2 and gtaV if you are interested to collab with me,feel free to comment down below.
  6. T

    Gaming PC Gaming collab

    looking for people to play games with regularly. The games I want to play are: GTA V heists Minecraft Tower Unite and possibly Gmod I'm low on funds at the moment, but I am open to playing other games. The only requirements are: Age 15 or over UK time zone and 30 subscribers or more. If...
  7. Dion.K

    Gaming Need Pc Gamers For YT!

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with on yt, I only have 15 subs but thats why i want a partner so that we can grow together. my contents quality is good so far even though i have only uploaded 7 vids because i started 8 days ago and plan to upload 1 vid every day from now on, I have a...
  8. KingPug

    Gaming Looking For A PC Gamer Collab

    Hey my names Ryan im 14 (15 in about a month) and im looking for someone to collab with I have no videos but i used to do many before but i removed them cause i stopped for a while but im looking to get back into it with someone and hopefully that someone is you I am a PC gamer and i would be...
  9. Zionova

    Gaming Collaborate with me!! (Need Someone)

    I need someone who is good at gaming and good at making videos. If you think you are please tell me and i'll see your channel. I make about 1-2 videos every week. I'm a PC Gamer, I have Rocket League, Counter Strike, Rust, GTA V Online on Steam. If you're interested, PLEASE tell me!!:))
  10. RunicSnowball

    Gaming Creating a funny moments PC gaming group; GTAV,GMOD,Rust...

    I've recently wanted to start doing YouTube properly, and I'm looking to create a small group to play with and just have fun. Requirements to join Must be 16 or over, I myself am 17. Must have a good microphone. Must have Discord, that's how we'll communicate. That's it, no subs requirement...
  11. McKoyo

    Gaming Looking for small YouTubers to record/play games with!

    Games I Play -Rust- -GTA V- -Arma 3- -Gang Beasts- -Rocket League- I'm basically looking for more people who are willing to record, play games, and be friends with! Join my discord that I'm trying to start a community with! Here is the invite link:
  12. UndergroundSeries

    Gaming Looking for Collab PC, I mostly play GTAV

    I am a youtuber with 456 Subs and I am looking for someone to collab with I play all kinds of games, but I prefer GTAV - Add me on socialclub if you are interested Username UnlimitedReach
  13. UndergroundSeries

    I tried something new, is this in the good direction ?

    I tried something new with my video, I tried to combine racing and comedy, this is what I got please readers give some feedback :)
  14. A

    Gaming Collaboration New Youtuber

    Hello, I am a new youtuber that is at 14 subs. The games i would like to collab is Minecraft pc or xbox one, GTA V (Xbox 1) or call of duty BO3. If you would like to collab you can e-mail me or message me on xbox live A P Shakes. For videos i use discord. Thank you...
  15. Mr.raspberryxd


    We on a henny hunt we on a money hunt but at the end of the day all we did was catch those L's If you guys like the video.... SHARE it with your freinds! theyll enjoy it too and LIKE!!! COMMENT!!!!!!! and even SUBSCRIBE TO YA BOII!!!!!!!!!
  16. X

    Gaming Collab/gaming squad xbox one

    Hey what's going on guys first time poster here so im looking for someone to play cod 3 rainbow six gta or dying light on xbox one I have a capture card and a headset so if you guys are interested you msm me or Kik= Xkrane Twitter= xkran3
  17. RunicSnowball

    Gaming Funny Moments Group -) GtaV GMOD, Rust, and others.

    Hello there! My name is RunicSnowball, and I'm looking to start a small group of youtubers to play with and make funny moments. You must have a good sense of humour, and a good mic. 15+ Would be preferred. No subs requirements.
  18. RunicSnowball

    Gaming Pc Gaming YouTube group - Rust, GTAV, GMOD

    So I'm looking to start a little group of youtubers to work together. First a little about me, I'm 16, I'm Irish, and I like to just have fun when playing games. Some requirements, (You don't have to fit all, we can make exceptions) 1:You must be atleast over 15. 2. Must have Skype. 3. Must play...
  19. R


    I used to make runescape videos but I moved on to first person shooters my channel is Handcannoned contact me by steam RamboedP.s. it says my channel doesnt exist so you have to search for it on youtube
  20. M

    Request New logo (Free)

    I need a new logo for my YouTube channel called Mind Blown. I make GTA V and Call of duty content and I was hoping to have some characters built in, if its not to difficult. Thanks!
  21. iMSaiyan

    Gaming GTA V Collaboration

    What is up guys! I don't really play GTA V but I've seen it being played and it always seem A LOT more fun when there are 2 people in it. So I'm looking for TWO people to collab with me (because 3 would be too much people talking over each other) GTA V will be just random things that we could...
  22. PrimeSyndicate

    Short Film GTA Short Film

    Hello, For the past couple of years, I conceptualized a ton of different ideas for short films (machinimas). One of which being a slasher film on GTA V. However, I need to gather a team. I am looking for different people with different abilities who are willing to help out with this project...
  23. T

    Gaming Xbox Snipers and stuff

    I need people who do sniping preferably Xbox 360. Mainly snipers but GTAV and stuff is all good too. Just leave your skype and channel. Only accepting people with over 20 subs
  24. DxpeMikes

    Gaming Lets Play Partner/Group for PS4

    I am looking for a Partner or a Group of serious youtubers who wish to play such games as Black Ops 3, GTA 5, Rocket League, Slither.IO, Agar.IO games, and possibly other. Requirements 15 - 20 Years old Funny/Entertaining Good Microphone (You Must Also Have Good Channel Art) If you wish to...
  25. DxpeMikes


    I am looking for a group of serious youtubers who I can collaborate with in the near future. We will look to play such games as CoD, GTA 5, Rocket league,, and more. Requirements Ages 15-20 Must have good channel art Entertaining/funny Good English To get into contact with...
  26. RelentlessAchiever

    Gaming Looking to build the community "NonStopMayhem"

    Hey there! I am looking for people to do a group collaboration with and join NSM. I would like to collaborate on Rocket League (PC) as I am doing a series to Grand Champ (but I am not that good yet :/) I don't mind playing other games like on the PS4 like overwatch, GTA V, Blops3, etc... Just...
  27. Kxmier

    Gaming Read carefully ( YouTUbe Ps4 Collab )

    i'm 15 yrs old I have a Ps4 and i'm looking to collaborate with people current subs - 62 current views - 619 Email- Psn- Matrix_Central Games i have- Rainbow 6, Gtav, Bo3, The Division, BFH, and Minecraft (lol) Main Requirement - Must have above 50 Subs and decently...
  28. Killerkat

    Gta Glitches and stuff

    Hey guys! I was going over video ideas today and I was going to make a video doing a heap of glitches and cheats in gta but I was thinking about it for a while- Gta is pretty old at this stage and theres already been heaps of videos done on it but I was wondering if I should should make one or...
  29. DxpeMikes

    Gaming Looking for a PS4 gaming partner/Team

    Hey, I am looking for serious youtubers who I can work with in the future for long term purposes. Requirements PS4 Age 14-19 Entertaining not dull Any amount of subscribers As a group we could discuss the certain games we will collaborate but CoD, GTA 5, Rocket league will be the main games...
  30. Spreadacinni

    Gaming GTA Races (Xbox One), GMOD, etc.

    Looking for a YouTuber with: -A good mic -Preferably older than 18 -Puts more than 100% effort into each video -A genuine person (not acting like others to get views) I take YouTube seriously and I'd like to work with YouTubers that do as well. If you're into numbers I have around 190 subs, but...