1. one_way_mission

    Medieval Monastic Site in Glendalough, Ireland. Drone flight.

    Flying a drone over Glendalough at sunrise was a truly magical experience. Seeing the mist rising off of the lakes and encircling the round tower and the golden rays of the sun lighting up the valley was a truly enchanting experience. Glendalough or Gleann Dá Loch in Gaelige means the "Valley...
  2. xMittzi

    Gaming (PS4 + PC) Looking to do a Collab

    Hello, Im VERZY. Im 17 years old and im from Ireland. I recently revamped my channel after a long time of inactivity but now im back! Im looking to widen my contacts so we can help eachother along the way. If you are interest please leave a message, Thanks :)
  3. James Chris

    Short Film Irish filmmakers needed

    Hey guys Basically, I'm planning to record a podcast with a guest (similar to The True Geordie's podcasts) and I'm in need of filmmakers to record the conversation from different angles. We can discuss everything including pay and the finer details privately, so if you could let me know down...
  4. ConorClune

    Meet Up/Gathering Collab? Online or in Ireland

    Hey I'm looking to do a collab of some sort, like be in a video with someone, edit or vfx someone's video or something else. I'm pretty new to trying to YouTube properly and I'm looking for people to work with, I'm pretty good at editing and vfx as well as writing stories/ideas. Anyone like to...
  5. DictionaryWrites

    Meet Up/Gathering Any fellow Irish people? (Actually living in Ireland, not Irish Americans)

    I know that Ireland's a pretty small country, but SURELY there must be some Irish people out there on YTTalks! I live on the West Coast, in Galway, but even if we could just set up an online hangout that would be pretty cool, so we can chat and connect! So yeah, what's the craic?
  6. rdavey14

    Meet Up/Gathering -------------------------delete

  7. gerard loughran

    Meet Up/Gathering NORTERN IRELAND?

    I don't know to many people who do YouTube from northern Ireland was curious to see if there is anyone on here!
  8. darkstarmedia

    Saint Patrick's Day: The Facts!

    top o' the morning to ya laddies i hope you like ireland 'cause it's about yo get /real/ irish up in here hoo boy
  9. Eoin_

    Gaming PC gaming crew, Minecraft, GMOD, GTAV

    Looking for a few people to do videos with, and overall have a good time with. I'm 16 years old, I live in Ireland, so people around my timezone would be good, but it can still work with others far away if we can sort out a good time together. Sub count doesn't matter to me, since I myself only...
  10. toastedcheese

    10 Things You Didn't Know About Ireland

    Hey, I made this over a year ago but it's probably my best video so I thought I'd share it on here to get more feedback, thanks!