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Hello, all! I'm a super friendly Minecraft YouTuber looking to grow the channel through collaborations. Unless someone has an idea I think is amazing, these collabs would probably just be minigames (which wouldn't lock us into a series and will share our viewers!) Though I'm not a huge channel myself (80 subs at time of posting), I would like channels only slightly smaller than me or anywhere larger than me to collaborate so that lots of views are given to both sides of the collaboration. I will list my requirements below!


Subscribers: Must have AT LEAST 65 subscribers!

Views: There is no certain number, but I will peek at your channel to make sure people are watching your videos.

Cussing: My channel is completely family-friendly. I will allow no cussing/swearing/whatever you want to call it. I am also a strong Christian and will not allow "Oh my God" to be in a video. Lastly, no inappropriate jokes. None.

Commentary: I really can't specify anything here, but I will review your commentary and make sure it's interesting :)

Age: I am almost 15 and would like to stay within a certain age range. Please be 13-16 in order to play :) NOTE: I MIGHT accept other ages! Just let me review your channel first.


That's all for rules! Here's how to "apply"!

Application Form Layout:

Age= [13-16 is prefered range]
Gender= [I'm a guy, but it's okay if you're not!! I just want to know :)]
Subs= [65+]
Preferred Type of Collab: [Server? Minigames? Other?]
Channel link=
Why Should I Collab With You? (PLEASE ANSWER!)= [Why should I choose you rather than the next reply?]


That's all! Reply/message me if you need any help or just want to chat. :) I hope to hear from you!
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