minecraft pc

  1. ItzSammay

    Gaming Let's Play Some Minecraft

    Heyo! I'm looking for someone(s?) to play some Minecraft with and possible record as a collab. The game would be in survival and there is no specified number of subscribers(I'm just looking to have fun with this). I only recently started my channel and so I only have 4 subscribers so far and...
  2. Sammy_Ma_Boy

    Gaming Aged 13+ Minecraft Group

    Hey, there I am a fellow youtuber! I want to create a Minecraft group with about 2~4 players in it. I have recently got a new youtube channel called SammyGamingHD, I have only got 10 subscribers and no videos but I would like to just start afresh with YOU! if you are interested just Join my...
  3. TheMiningBrothers

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborator

    Hey, I am an extremely small YouTuber (2 subs on 5/24/17) and I was going to ask some people if they would like to collaborate with me. The requirements: Must have Minecraft PC Edition for more than 6 months Must have Skype (Not Discord since it B.S.O.D.'s my laptop) Must have at least 3 subs...
  4. DashDawgD

    Gaming Minecraft Collab

    This collab is no longer avalible
  5. F

    Gaming Minecraft pc

    hey I'm 15 with 27 sub i want to start a series on my channel with other youtuber around my age and subs. The series i was thinking about was like skywar, hunger games, parkour if you have any ideas we can do that too. My Skype is piekillerempire if u want to do a collab!!!
  6. F

    Gaming Minecraft PC

    Hey I was wondering if anyone wants to record and play minecraft skywars or any other mini game on pc. If you want to my Skype is piekillerempire and I'm 15 with a channel 21 subs. I would like to do a collaboration with someone around my age and also around 20 subs.
  7. Radiant Skies

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborations!

    Hello, all! I'm a super friendly Minecraft YouTuber looking to grow the channel through collaborations. Unless someone has an idea I think is amazing, these collabs would probably just be minigames (which wouldn't lock us into a series and will share our viewers!) Though I'm not a huge channel...
  8. PlanetPanda

    Gaming Minecraft Minigames Collab! (PC) :D

    Hey there! Let me introduce myself! I am an Irish YouTuber/Panda who creates videos of Minecraft with more than 400 subscribers. Thats pretty much it! I'm looking for somebody who I could collab with. More or less just make a couple videos together playing minigames and to have some fun with! I...
  9. Justin Beast

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Server Collab!

    Hello there! My name is BabyAsriel, and I am starting a new Minecraft survival multiplayer server! With this server, I am planning on creating opportunities for collaborations and YouTubers to grow their audiences together. Together plays a big role in this, as it's going to be a server with...
  10. R

    Gaming Looking for someone who can collab w/ Me *Minecraft PC*

    I am looking for people who play Minecraft PC who has 500 Subs. XD Thank you!!
  11. SassyAngel112

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaboration

    Hi I am looking for a few people to make Minecraft videos with. I have almost 3.9k subs. I wasn't uploading as much as I used to so my views went down, so I am willing to record with people who have lower amount of subs than me. I really want to do a few mini games such as build battle and...
  12. Gawain Johnson

    Gaming Need people to collab with (Pc)

    i need people to collab with because I don't like recording by myself as of right now I mostly play well free games because well I'm a broke 15 yr old boy if you want to collab with me can you please have a decent mic and be either 14-16 THANK YOU
  13. ItzVikas

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaboration: MSG Me In Skype: vikas.reddy904

    Hey Guys! I would like to grow my channel by collaborating with you all. I am 13 years old and I enjoy playing pvp based games on minecraft pc. I make pvp montages on badlion and soon I will post different things on my channel! A few people call me a hacker (shows that im decent at the game)...
  14. ICEMonk717

    Gaming [Minecraft] Team Unite - The Return!

    Hello Everybody, My Name is Jack or ICEMonkHD (ICEMonk717 on yttalk) and today I bring you an opportunity to join me, and some friends in our recording gang on the server Team Unite. The server will have a custom modpack on it, which has been compiled by myself, called Project Omega. The server...
  15. M

    Gaming How Wants To Record Minecraft!

    How wants to record minecraft with me my channel is MatejTheBest123/MTB123 how wants to record with me can leave there skype down in the comments!
  16. Mr. Mythical

    Gaming Minecraft PC youtubers

    I am looking for a few Minecraft youtubers. You don't need a Skype but you do need to have more than 30 subs. Hope to see you guys there. Mr. Mythical OUT!