no cussing

  1. Radiant Skies

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborations!

    Hello, all! I'm a super friendly Minecraft YouTuber looking to grow the channel through collaborations. Unless someone has an idea I think is amazing, these collabs would probably just be minigames (which wouldn't lock us into a series and will share our viewers!) Though I'm not a huge channel...
  2. mighTYLER99

    Gaming PC Gamers 14-18 Who Don't Cuss

    Hi Im Ty, 16, And I Play A Bunch Of Random PC Games, Including: Minecraft, Battleblock, CS:GO, And A Bunch Of Free Steam Games My Only Requirements Are: -You Have Skype- -You Are 14 Through 18- -And You Don't Cuss- -Also, I'm In The U.S So If You're In A Different Time Zone, We'll Have To Work...