Gaming PC Gamers 14-18 Who Don't Cuss


Hi Im Ty, 16, And I Play A Bunch Of Random PC Games, Including: Minecraft, Battleblock, CS:GO, And A Bunch Of Free Steam Games
My Only Requirements Are:
-You Have Skype-
-You Are 14 Through 18-
-And You Don't Cuss-
-Also, I'm In The U.S So If You're In A Different Time Zone, We'll Have To Work Something Out-

If You Are Still Interested XD Comment Your Skype Name, Age, And Youtube Channel, Also Your Actual Name

My Channel Is TysaurusRex, So You Can Hear My Commentary Style/See What My Videos Are About

We'll Discuss Time/Games When/If I Add You On Skype ^-^

Thx For Reading!
Skype: zoroark1264
Age: 14(soon to be 15)
Channel name: Chogonom
Real name: Brian

Also you'll need to know that I won't be able to play games until sometime next year(Jan/February-ish). But if you need me anytime after that, let me know