1. Nimwit

    Gaming x

  2. L

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations of any kind

    Hello, I am a small youtuber and I enjoy minecraft, but I don't really have anyone to record it with. I enjoy doing minigames, survival, and modded minecraft. The main minigame that I enjoy though is bedwars. Requirements for collaborations are: Be at least 14 years old, and have a sense of...
  3. BleachRox

    Gaming Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Collab

    Hello I'm BleachRox I have had previous experience but I am starting a new youtube account. I am hoping to grow my channel as well as yours with a series that consists of 4 people. In the series we will be doing vanilla 4 people miningames that were created by yours The recordings...
  4. RedKid

    Gaming Someone who plays Minecraft Pixelmon on PC

    Can someone tell me their Skype if they are age 10-13 and play Minecraft Pixelmon or Minecraft Minigames.
  5. JanPlays_

    Gaming minecraft compilation collab

    Im looking for someone that can make a minecraft PVP/Minigames/building timelapse/compilation collab with me. I have a small youtube channel and if anyone wants to collab it would mean a lot to me! Thanks!
  6. M

    Gaming Minecraft Let's Plays

    We would play minecraft minigames, survival mode, and maybe factions. Talk through skype. Age 12-16. Must have a good mic. Have over 10 subs. Leave your skype if you're intersested.
  7. A

    Gaming Minecraft Pc Youtubers.

    I am currently newer to youtube. I have a Minecraft channel called FudgeKingPlayz. I am looking for people who have a good quality mike and who are fun You must have Skype and must upload consistently. I upload every other day. Subscribe requirement is at least 10 subs. If u want collaborate...
  8. Radiant Skies

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborations!

    Hello, all! I'm a super friendly Minecraft YouTuber looking to grow the channel through collaborations. Unless someone has an idea I think is amazing, these collabs would probably just be minigames (which wouldn't lock us into a series and will share our viewers!) Though I'm not a huge channel...
  9. Carnomond

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaboration

    Sup!... Ya... Well I have been looking all over for a great person or group of people to record MC with so if you are interested to do that with me, post a link below with the following requirements: 1. Must have a half decent PC (ya know, none of that 2010 hand-me-down crap but something that...
  10. EclipticKnight

    Gaming Minecraft Minigame Collabs!

    Yo, I would like to make a collab for Minecraft PC for recording minigames. If you're interested, please contact me via PM. No cussing while recording and please be decent at pvp <3
  11. BuBleuX45

    Gaming Minecraft Collab - Minigames, Custom Maps, Mods and More!

    Hey! I'm 15 and have 131 subscribers. I live in Britain and speak English (and Welsh). Since my last partner decided to quit, I have been in need for someone or some people to do a Minecraft video with. I want to have bantz and have some great moments! My only requirements are: 14-16 years old...
  12. beotheorcqueen

    Gaming Minecraft Minigames!

    Hi! I'm looking for companions to play some Minecraft games and minigames like Farm Hunt, Build Battle, Flower Power etc. :) I have very small channel and I don't have preferences about yours, but I'm looking for friendly, nice people who just like to have fun and who will accepte my sillyness...
  13. beotheorcqueen

    Hunters, YOU are now animals! - Minecraft Farm Hunt

    Do you like Minecraft Minigames? I know I do! Especially Farm Hunt, it's the best hypixel minigame ever! ♥
  14. Necromancer Foxx

    Gaming Minecraft PC mini-games and modded series

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make collaborations with in minecraft pc edition. I mostly want to try mini-games (such as hunger games, one in the quiver etc.) and maybe try a modded survival series. It would be preferable if you lived in Europe or you are able to adapt to a European time...
  15. BuBleuX45

    Gaming Minecraft Minigames! Lets Collab!

    Hey, I'm looking for a someone or some people to collab with. I'm looking in doing some Minecraft Minigames, but could play other PC games like CSGO or Gmod. I would prefer if: 13-16 years old GMT Timezone, or EST Timeszone Decent mic Post down below and I will get in contact with u soon over...