Gaming Minecraft Collab - Minigames, Custom Maps, Mods and More!

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Hey! I'm 15 and have 131 subscribers. I live in Britain and speak English (and Welsh). Since my last partner decided to quit, I have been in need for someone or some people to do a Minecraft video with. I want to have bantz and have some great moments! My only requirements are:
  • 14-16 years old
  • Have Skype
  • Have a decent mic (I will be checking! ;) )
  • Have a fairly flexible schedule
Put your Skype down below and I'll contact you as soon a possible :D

Have a nice day! Channel down below if you want to see my content!
Hey bro wassup i wanna do some minecraft videos with you. My skype is varations23. Please add me i would love to do minecraft videos with you
Hey my Skype is Tuu_Much_Swag and im 13 i hop that dose not matter i have the blue snowball just got it today :) and i have nothing to do when i get home. the reason i am asking to do a collab is because i currently have no one to play games with on the pc and im starting to get lonely so i hope you reply
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