14 years old

  1. A

    Gaming i am 14 years old and want youtubers/gamers to collab and have fun

    my name is Aaron Fritz i am 14 years old and i need youtubers or gamers who want to create a new youtube channel i have a strategy and ideas to post videos and gain subscribers the requierments are : you have to be 14 years old ,15 and 13 will also be considered most...
  2. Razolion

    Gaming [In rush ]Looking for many funny moments people under age of 16

    Hi! my name is Joe, I call my self Razolion on YouTube. I have 125 subscribers, I am 15 years old and I want to gather many funny moments people under age of 16 to collab on my gaming video this week. I have many games, but this week I'm planning to do Fortnite or Gmod or any other party games...
  3. MangoDude


    Hey so i am looking for someone i can play games with, Record videos and we can basically grow together on youtube. I am currently on 126 subscribers 14+ years old please We can play games like GTA V, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, And many other games And decent audio and video :D
  4. BuBleuX45

    Gaming Minecraft Collab - Minigames, Custom Maps, Mods and More!

    Hey! I'm 15 and have 131 subscribers. I live in Britain and speak English (and Welsh). Since my last partner decided to quit, I have been in need for someone or some people to do a Minecraft video with. I want to have bantz and have some great moments! My only requirements are: 14-16 years old...