Gaming [In rush ]Looking for many funny moments people under age of 16

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Hi! my name is Joe, I call my self Razolion on YouTube. I have 125 subscribers, I am 15 years old and I want to gather many funny moments people under age of 16 to collab on my gaming video this week. I have many games, but this week I'm planning to do Fortnite or Gmod or any other party games. I have one friend already planning to collab. MANY LAUGHS NEEDED. Just respond to this thread and I might have to judge you by looking at your videos.
Let's make this an epic vid!
hey man feel free to contact me on Discord I'm interested in collaborating with you. My Discord name is TheNameIsHAZZ#4130
I dont play pc games, but we can crossplay if you want to play fortnite. I am not sure if i call my videos funny moment videos but it is very much similar. So if you want to collaborate just send me a message
The OP of this thread hasn't returned to the forums in a long time, so I've locked this thread to prevent confusion about active collaborations. :)
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