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  1. N

    Gaming Looking For Family Friendly Content Creators To Collaborate With

    Hey guys, I currently run a channel with (as of writing this) 184 subscribers with nearly 70,000 views. I've been making videos on this channel for about five months now and I have uploaded 76 videos. About my channel: I run a Roblox channel, reason being it's very versatile because of the...
  2. Frost Titan Gaming


    Hi I am Frost Titan I am a kid friendly Youtuber who is searching for positive, funny, and energetic players who post frequently. I am super easy to get along with. I create videos on Skywars, Deathruns, Modded Hide N Seek, and Roleplay. I record a bunch of videos with a lot of content creators...
  3. T

    Gaming Looking for a channel of any size to collab with in Minecraft!

    It doesn't matter how big your channel is, but it should have decent quality and no swearing. This would probably be a short-term thing, although it could become something lasting (you never know!)
  4. Valentinas Playhouse

    Kids Outdoor Movie Theater Party

  5. Niyahs Funworld

    Niyah Learn colors with paint and hand prints! New channel

  6. Jitter Flicks

    Weight loss journey | Walk at the park | Intermittent fasting

    We had a blast today. Thank you all for being there. You guys made our Friday. #friends #love #suport #youtubers #family #MiamiVloggers #FloridaYoutubers Weight loss journey | Walk at the park | Intermittent fasting
  7. Jitter Flicks

    Vlog Broward county youtubers and vloggers

    Are you in the Broward country, Florida area? Have a family or friendly channel? Maybe we could hand out, meet-up or collab. We're new to all this so don't be shy, we're just trying to meet new friendly people and fellow youtubers so we can spread the love with our channels. Let us know.... we...
  8. KiddieToysReview

    YouTube is Removing Videos - Are You Affected?

    Youtube has removed 2 of our videos. It appears the problem is widespread with major kids channels being affected. Like a thief in the night - there was no email, no warning, no transparency. The only way I found it was scanning through Video Manager - Video - something I do daily now to see if...
  9. Dismal Bliss

    Tasty candy that's not available in the USA

    Crystal and Akemi head back to Ohio with some unique Canadian delicacies. Why don't we have them here in the USA???
  10. Flufflesthefluffy

    Gaming Minecraft xbox360 collaborations? Challenges and build battles!

    Hello, hello, hello friends! I'm looking for some collaboration partners for Minecraft on the Xbox360 version! My channel is fairly new, fairly small, just starting out and family friendly (no swearing, pg content). Collaboration wise, I'm looking for someone to do some fun challenges with (who...
  11. Meredith Bryan

    Redecorating with a Feather boa!!

    Hi everyone!!! Today while Maddie was at school.. I did a little decorating in her room! Find out what I did and what I used! It looks awesome! My dogs are still in fight mode! At the end of the vlog Maddie does something shocking!! I'd love for you to hit the thumbs up! I'm a daily vlogger!!
  12. DigDug

    Hit the 1k subscriber mark!

    Ok so the YouTube homepage isn't showing it... but according to I finally hit 1,000 subs. It's surreal because I never really expected to get beyond 5. :) This thing started out as a fun experiment with my kids and has kinda taken on a life of its own. I've learned a ton since...
  13. Meredith Bryan

    Great hair day!!

    Hi everyone!! Check out what's going on over at my channel!! I'm posting daily Vlogs and I'm having a blast!!! I just reached 200 subscribers!!!! Can you believe that?!? Come on over :)
  14. CelyD87

    Does anyone know any kids video forums to post on?

    I heard of Does anyone know how I can upload on it? If you guys know of any other forums please let me know, thank you:)
  15. CelyD87

    How's my intro???

    I have been debating on wether I should leave the intro as it is or change it up. What do you guys think? Here's a link to the video where I have the newest intro: The channel is about my 2 year olds Adventures and toys. Should I include his picture or is it fine how it is?
  16. CelyD87

    400 subscribers!!! 3months in

    Super excited as channel grows! It's very nice to meet new friends along the way too
  17. CelyD87

    Easy DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids with Thomas the Train Toy Surprise Inside

    5 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids + Thomas the Train Toy Surprise Inside 2 year old Jordan creates 5 thanksgiving crafts with the help of mom. At the end he gets a Marvel's toy surprise but its hiding inside Thomas the Train hehe:) Hope you like it!
  18. CelyD87

    300 subs but views are low...I Need Advise!!!!!!!

    I started a YouTube channel 3 months ago about toddlers, toys, etc I just gained my first 300 subscribers. However, I feel like my views are pretty low (total views 3,100) I have social media accounts, joined yttalk, blogger website, Reddit, I make Sure I reply to everyone, watch other videos...
  19. superkoolkidztv

    SuperKoolKidzTV does #thenoodlechallenge

  20. MaryCrockett

    We Have a Secret!!!

    We had a Evening out with the whole family and shared a fun secret. Thank you so much for watching
  21. Meredith Bryan

    New Vlog!!!!!! I'm so hot!!!

    New vlog is up on my channel!!! Please take a look and feel free to hit the subscribe button!! It would mean so much if you did!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. AriannasHouse

    Big Franky Pizza Burger with Mini Pizza Buns!

    Basically exactly what the title says ;) A burger smothered in pizza sauce and mozzarella sandwiched between two mini pepperoni pizzas! Would love to hear from people! Please let me know what you think!
  23. iFunnyVlogger

    Comedy Looking To Collab. You in?

    Hey! So I'm looking to collab with a channel. We aren't gonna have to meet up or anything, we can just chat via Google or Twitter or something. There are some requirements from your channel though. Family Friendly 150+ subscribers Post videos at least once a week If you're interested in...
  24. iFunnyVlogger

    Comedy Family Friendly Collab (Long Distance)

    Hello! I'm iFunnyVlogger. I'm a YouTuber that does anything I want. I unbox stuff, review stuff, keep you up to date with the latest tech, and so much more! I also do Minecraft gameplays! With everything I do, I make it funny and enjoyable. I am looking into doing a collab with someone. I...
  25. Joeowens1

    Smoothie Challenge!

  26. Joeowens1

    Pirates of he Living Room

    Just uploaded a new video let me know what you think.
  27. Alexxd25

    Gaming Family Friendly Collabs!

    Hi! So I want my channel to be family friendly and I was maybe looking for other people that want to make videos that way. We could play some minecraft (a crazycraft server could be cool!) or any other fun games. The point is... Family Friendly!
  28. Radiant Skies

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaborations!

    Hello, all! I'm a super friendly Minecraft YouTuber looking to grow the channel through collaborations. Unless someone has an idea I think is amazing, these collabs would probably just be minigames (which wouldn't lock us into a series and will share our viewers!) Though I'm not a huge channel...
  29. MoonandBeyond

    Chapstick and a Scary Bird

  30. MoonandBeyond

    24 Hours With 3 Kids on a Snowy Day