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I am looking for Youtubers who are humorous with a fun and open personality! I'm looking to play games on the PC and that alone. I'm happy to collaborate with anyone subscriber count does not matter so long as you are a lively person! Please fill out the form so i can learn more of who you are and make sure your Youtube link is working. The type of games I'm looking to play are mainly comedic please do not go full try hard mode if we ever play a competitive game, that simply ruins the fun of it.

Garry's Mod
Rocket League
Dead Realm
GTA V (When I get a new Graphics Card)
(Plus any other games that will be enjoyable with multiple people such as Don't Starve, Lethal League, etc.)

Mic: Blue Snowball
Time Zone: Est
Channel: FlashToroGaming
Skype: flashtoro
Describe Yourself: I am deep voiced and always out going! I do anything to make the games fun such as modifications and also do anything for the sake of comedy! I'm mature only when need be but most of the time I'm just a comedic person.

Either way wish ya much luck with your channel and hope you enjoy what ya do!
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Channel Name: KurodaXAnime
Channel Name: The Tacocat
Age: 16
Mic: Blue Yeti
TimeZone: UTC -5
Skype: Lawlessstryker
Games: Many...
The MasterHashassin
Mics decent but will be getting a better mic for Christmas
Will make one for you
From a choice of over 100 games
Channel Name: AmateurPlayer
Age: 19
Mic: Razer Headset
TimeZone: (UTC+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi
Skype: amateurplayer123
Games: GTA V, Rocket League, Gmod, Left 4 dead 2

You can check my channel to see some of my vids that I collab with other youtuber
i wouldn't mind doing a collab. i got a gaming pc already so i don't mind playing any game. i'll play whatever you want lol
Age: 24
Mic: Blue Snowball
Timezone: Eastern
Skype: gotta make it lol inbox me for it. i havent made one for my channel yet
Games:League of Legends, Heroes of the storm, WoW, Gmods, and willing to try anything. :)
Channel Name: KaossGaming
Mic: Auna Mic - 900 Cardioid Studio Consensor
TimeZone: GMT +0
Skype: kaossryan3
Games: many (Gmod, the hidden, League of Legends, minecraft and so on)

Im looking for many contacts so we can all collab and share audiances and have a good time :) anybody can add me btw