Ace Man

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Sup, quick question:

How would you categorize my channel? I'm having a hard time getting views and subscribers for the niche genre I make videos to and I'm wondering if it's because..

1. I haven't been making videos for long? Or
2. My tags are completely wrong.

I'm a little bit impatient when it comes to things like this so It's probably the first one! :furious:

If I could summarize the type of videos I put out it would be like Leafyishere,Pyrocynical, Nfkrz. I would assume relevant tags would be:

Commentary, gaming commentary, mlg, video games, stories, life stories, roasting, comedy, aceman, review.

Any feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day!:cigar:
When I click on the link to your channel, it says it doesn't exist. I assume you also add tags that are relevant to the specific video. I mean when you talk about Sam Pepper, you add Sam Pepper as a tag and so on. The reality is that you need to be patient. Some get lucky and grow really fast and others have to work day in day out to reach 100 subscribers in one year. So just work hard and try to be patient. Because it might take a long time before you get big on YouTube or maybe you're one of the lucky ones.