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  1. ParalyshisGaming

    Official YouTube Introduction Video! - ParalyshisGaming

  2. BullMoose

    Pink Powa too strong | Retro Games

    There was a time when I was really good at this game....
  3. BullMoose

    No biting, just TKO's | Mike Tyson's Punch-out

    The nostalgia is real...
  4. Brandzor

    Papers, Please! EP1 - THE TRUMP EXPERIENCE!

    First day of border patrol. Strap yourselves in for the ultimate Trump Experience! (may contain explosions). Check out some of my Papers, Please! gameplay! Thanks geezers, if you wanna drop me a cheeky follow find me on twitter - @BrandzorGaming
  5. G-Legend

    Gaming If you're a Battlefield (Or First Person Shooter) YouTuber, I Can Probably Serve You!

    So the content I make on YouTube is predominantly Battlefield tips to make others the best players they can be. I do go into other FPS games Like Titanfall 2 as well once in a while. If you have a similar channel, I might be able to serve you. Battlefield news, tips and strategies is the...
  6. Jonesie

    Review my first video?

    Hello everyone, I just created my first video on YouTube, and I would love for y'all to check it out and tell me what you like, don't like, etc. I really want to gain subs fast, so if you have someone who would like the videos I upload (commentaries, lets plays, streams, vlogs, etc.) I'd be so...
  7. PrimeSyndicate


  8. PlanetPanda

    I Need Advice! (Gaming Commentary Problems)

    Hey there awesome person! :D Thanks for clicking on this thread :) I just need somebodies advice on my commentaries. I feel sometimes my mind drifts off and makes me commentate in a really boring tone and sometimes I don't know what to say so sometimes I say wierd things out of the blue! If you...
  9. Ace Man

    How would you categorize my channel?

    Sup, quick question: How would you categorize my channel? I'm having a hard time getting views and subscribers for the niche genre I make videos to and I'm wondering if it's because.. 1. I haven't been making videos for long? Or 2. My tags are completely wrong. I'm a little bit impatient when...