life stories

  1. Justin Bernardino

    Video Ideas

    Would you guys be interested in videos in which I talk about personal stories to help inspire and make people happy? I'll also try to do something different and bring guest people and get them to share their own stories too so people can hear others stories
  2. Taso

    Commentary Looking to collab.

    Just a small(er) channel, and wouldn't mind doing a collab with someone who gets my sense of humor. I do life stories and things of the like, so please check my videos and see if that's something you'd be able to work with. The games I play are Warframe and Paladins because my a** is broke lol...
  3. spudfunk

    Interesting Life story commentary

    So i just started this channel and am doing life story commentary gameplay videos, here's an example of the time I was caught plagiarizing
  4. Sevvy

    Brand new channel looking for some general advice.

    Hey guys, so I just joined YTtalk a few minutes ago. I started my youtube channel 3 days ago and have since posted 3 videos. I've tried to make them as high quality as I can and put the most effort possible into them. My focus is life stories/experiences with gameplay in the background. Right...
  5. UnderTheKnife

    600+ total views and 19 subs in just 3 weeks!

    I'm proud to announce that I have been doing so well considering the fact that I've not long started uploading. Thank you for all the support on the forums as well btw, you've all helped me out!
  6. Ace Man

    How would you categorize my channel?

    Sup, quick question: How would you categorize my channel? I'm having a hard time getting views and subscribers for the niche genre I make videos to and I'm wondering if it's because.. 1. I haven't been making videos for long? Or 2. My tags are completely wrong. I'm a little bit impatient when...
  7. JoyFox

    So I Just Hit 100 Subscribers...

    Oh hello there... I am JoyFox like many of you I am a Youtuber. Yesterday I hit 100 subscribers on my new channel that had videos on it for only ONE month. That's pretty sick. I have been growing so fast lately and its dope how I see comments of people saying that they love my videos. I upload...
  8. Shehzad

    He Pleasured Himself In Class!

    Today I tell the story of Dylan who's hands seem to always disappear beneath the tables in class.
  9. Slitty

    Gaming Dual life stories?

    In need of someone who wants to do dual commentary/life stories with me. Keep in mind this for a gaming audience. Not into gaming then dont bother.