doing it for the $$$

So when we all have to pay rent, electricity, food shopping, petrol, gas bills, car registration, maintenance, medical costs, insurances, looking after aged parents in a nursing home, kids uniforms, school supplies, shoes, socks, all that stuff, can we call you for some $$$?
Not even mentioning that running a channel costs several thousand $/month, and don't forget opportunity costs, as in quitting a $100k/year job to do Yt full-time, which is pretty much what is required to make a living doing it, at least in the kids area.

Exactly, you took the words right out of my mouth. I see many young kids even in their 20s even complain about sponsored videos etc. the reality is... whether it be a hobby or not someone''s time is valuable... and doing youtube takes a LOT of time... not to mention the costs! I think it is admirable when someone puts forth work, time and effort into creating their own path in life (not to mention creating content for you to watch) and is actually able to earn some form of income in return from it.
The moment I stopped worrying about subscribers and views is the moment when I actually started enjoying YouTube. Some people will always be stuck in the $$$ mindset, and they never last.

Also audibly laughed at the "shook" comment.
Not sure if anyone in the world does it for fun. You will have expenses related to the video itself Set/Costume/Music/Footage/Camera equipments/actors.
I think its fine. We all have to make money to survive in this world today. Being a content creator would be a great job with many perks, better than the 9-5 b.s. The more love you throw on this platform it will eventually grow easy on you. Yes, I'm in it for the money, yet I still love making content to please others. It has grown on me.
That's always a really tough topic for me because it can easily come off the wrong. I want to a job I love to do and I love doing YouTube. However, in order to turn that into a job I need money and money don't just appear out of nowhere. I think it's a good thing to look into and ask about since things get a bit more serious when money is involved.

Keep in mind too, money helps with making content. It can allow for bigger and better videos to be made. It allows for more time to be devoted, resources, etc.

Don't get me wrong, there are people who just want to make money off YouTube and don't have a love or passion for what they're doing. But don't worry about those people, most of them are going to realize that it's hard and takes a lot of time to make even a little bit of cash from the site and give up.