Do you get spam comments on your videos? [POLL]

Do you get any spam comments on your videos?

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I do get the odd comment with someone posting a link to their channel or video. That happens very rarely, though. I don't consider insult or negative comments spam. Never had a sub4sub request.

Most of the comments I get that I consider spam are ones with just random characters. Sometimes they are really short and in reply to someone else's comment and I'm not sure if it is some acronym that I'm not familiar with, especially if it could be a non-english one. But the other times they clearly just typed a whole line or 5 of random characters. Not really sure what prompts someone to do that. Do they not know how to express their excitement and they just have to hit on the keyboard to get it out through high-energy actions?
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Jup, and all of them have been caught by the YouTube spam filter. As soon as you even comment something that hints at self promotion your comment ends up in that box.
I used to get a few when my channel was at 15 subs. Now, at 1.6k, I don't get any. Then again, the community/niche my videos apply to don't really have spam comments at all, lol.