Commentary Collab with me, 10 minutes Podcast, I have 6k subs.

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Is there a subscriber requirement or will you let anyone do it who has the right personality?
anyone who does the job well[DOUBLEPOST=1517220541][/DOUBLEPOST]
hi im chris so i have a question will i be interviewd in your podcast also my mic is grate blue yeti i am 16 and have been making videos for 8 years not on this channel i just love film

You don't need to be interviewed, just your name and maybe throw in a fact about yourself if you want. We would talk about random topics, and from the those topics we will connect with the audience and they will get to know you based on your opinions over time[DOUBLEPOST=1517220680][/DOUBLEPOST]
I would love to do this. I initially started with commentary styled videos before moving into vlogs and would love to discuss whatever you present. Just lmk if there is a sub requirement, so on.
Hey lets do it. I'm down. I like you, tbh I'm not on reddit much. You can message me on my youtube or facebook a lot more easily. My youtube name is " Vida Armonia " I have 6k+ subs.[DOUBLEPOST=1517221431][/DOUBLEPOST]
Hey im 16 years old and im kinda new to Youtube so im trying to grow my channel. I believe i have a big I would be completely interested in collaborating with u. Let me know what you think and what equipment i may need.
Well my advice to you would be, don't worry about equipment. If you honestly want to get into youtube. Start with a camera, any camera. A phone camera is fine. Take some videos, experiment. Once you have made a video that you are proud of then start buying equipment. Equipment is expensive, and equipment doesn't guarantee subscribers, only good content will bring people in.
So practice a little and make sure you enjoy making videos, other wise the equipment will be a waste of money.
Videos are like anything else in life, the more of them you make the better you get at it.
If you ever get super interested i would recommend what i use, a nikon dslr and a yetti mic. also lighting is very important, and positioning your camera well, a tripod too. hell i could make a whole video on just that. lol I hope i helped :)[DOUBLEPOST=1517221715][/DOUBLEPOST]
im up for it. im 14 i have a good mic (at2020 usb+) and am looking to grow my commentary channel
You can message me on youtube or facebook my youtube name is Vida Armonia with 6k+ subs
The OP of this thread hasn't logged into YTtalk in a long time, so I've locked this to prevent confusion about active collaborations. :)
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