1. Y

    Other 5 Interesting Facts about Corporate life

    5 Interesting Facts about Corporate life
  2. Melee Vida

    Commentary Collab with me, 10 minutes Podcast, I have 6k subs.

    Hello, My names Melissa I am 19yrs old and I'm looking for someone who is interested in doing a collaboration. Something were we will brake down a story, subject or idea, fad or phenomenon, just about anything, and we will talk from all perspectives. I need someone who is interesting has...
  3. Conight

    Help me write my next video!

    You don't need to watch my videos to help with this project I thought I would state that before people think this is a roundabout way of advertising my content, its not I just need extra comments. So I started a series where I make a script of my next skit using comments from the viewers left...
  4. Matthew Autry

    channel growth??

    My channel is Matthew Autry I've been working hard on it for quite awhile now. I think about 6 months. I've been posting at least once a week every week. I feel that my videos are interesting. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could improve, and make my content more interesting...
  5. swizz

    How Long did it take you to reach 50,100 or 1000 SUBS?

    Hey guys i would like to know how long it took your channel to get 50 or 100 or 1000 SUBS... shareb with everyone your journey
  6. Spaceshipcontrol

    Will people follow an over-arching plot?

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if my viewers will bother to try and follow what happens in terms of overarching story. My channel has a larger plot going on, with a mix of videos that are related or not related to that plot. I really hope that my viewers actually pay attention to that, but there...
  7. doktornpro

    Interesting + Unique video ideas

    Alright, I am gonna make this short, well kind of short. I am planning to start a new series where I talk about different topics and news. I am searching for any interesting things I can comment on, videos, articles or whatever else. I am searching for things I don't agree with that I can...
  8. Conight

    Podcast Channel \(O.O)/

    Was considering opening a new channel, completely livestream based in an attempt to simulate a radio show. The talk show will consist of a singular broad topic conversation for an hour or two with somebody from another channel as I already have a few people willing to accompany me once or...
  9. Swift_MC

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft YouTubers to collab with.

    Hey everyone im Swift MC, I'm 16 years old and looking for Minecraft YouTubers to collaborate with. I prefer to work with ages 15+ or at least close to that if you are mature. I don't care about how many subs you have, I really am just looking for another person with a fun personality to work...
  10. Mattaxol

    Accents (and how they affect Entertainment)

    Alright, I know, I made a post like this a few months ago, but I didn't quite get the asnwer I wanted, Okay? So, I'm back, again... lol. I wanted to ask you guys simply about your opinion on the New Zealand accent.. I'm pretty sure it was voted the world's most ugly accent, I don't remember...
  11. LunaNoshi


    call it, hyper realistic There is a swear word in tehre, once i think
  12. C

    Podcast Ideas?

    Ahoy everybody. I am thinking of starting a gaming podcast on my channel with a friend of mine, we will talk about the latest gaming news, review new games etc. But there is one problem, I myself dont even like to listen/watch to podcasts, do any of you have ideas to make a regular podcast...
  13. Elissa Jordan

    An Emoji Story!?

    Hey guys! So, I know this isn't really a Q&A, but I thought this idea would be the most relevant in this category than the others. I had this crazy idea one day. It was this: people send me several emojis and I have to make a story about them. I thought it'd be hilarious for my channel and...