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Hey everyone im Swift MC, I'm 16 years old and looking for Minecraft YouTubers to collaborate with. I prefer to work with ages 15+ or at least close to that if you are mature. I don't care about how many subs you have, I really am just looking for another person with a fun personality to work with.
What would we collab with?
Well I'm willing to play all kinds of mini games, play survival, or possibly even factions.

If interested add me on Skype: SimTheSavage
Dude, you have a good channel so far, and I wish the best of luck for it! I might find myself coming back to minecraft, now that I saw your channel :)
Yo Swift_MC I am a youtuber with around the same subs as you but idc how many subs you have I just want to collab with ya because you seem cool and I am just wanting to hang out with someone on mc we don't even have to record we can just chill and play mini games or on survival servers if ya want to dude :p
Also if anyone wants to collab idc how many subs you have, we don't even have to record if you don't want to just skype call me here is my skype name