Just Glue It, episode #1 - New interactive YT Gameshow, thingy

    We invite you to participate in this all new channel idea, although it has just began, it is off to a good start and would appreciate your tips and advice in making it better!
  2. Vanocue

    Gaming Looking to create a "sidemen" style group!

    Hello, This is Vanocue! I'm a YouTube looking to make a group of friends that record together. Requirements: That your over the age of 15+ (i'm 17 and feel better with people closer to my age.) That Your subscribed to me(only joking BUT YOU HAVE TO :p lol) You have an funny and open...
  3. Salms


  4. IVY

    How to be more entertaining (more watch time)

    I have a pretty low watch time. For a 2 minute video I get an average watch time of 50%. Any tips?
  5. Courtney Candice

    Embarrassing fandoms!

  6. Courtney Candice


  7. Courtney Candice

    Weird things I have seen at Walmart

    I have some really weird things at Walmart! Have you ever seen anything weird or creepy at Walmart or any other store like Walmart?
  8. Ruben The God

    Whats essential to an entertaining vlog?

    Hello! I am wondering what you all think a vlog MUST have for it to be good/entertaining etc? I do not my blogs to be boring and what not.
  9. Jo Barry

    Other Looking for collabs!

    I am looking for people, who are up for most genres of videos! If you are easy going, energetic, and friendly, you fit the personality!
  10. Z

    Gaming Overwatch video group (Xbox One)

    Hey everyone! Overwatch is my favourite multiplayer game, and just happens to be great fun to record with a lot of potential for entertaining videos!! I'm interested in Overwatch centric gamers (not exclusively, just people that love to play the game!) to record with, anything from Competitive...
  11. Pichu

    Overwatch - Soldier 76 | Game 1

    This is my first edited video of overwatch, I shortened the game down to the interesting parts to make it short and snappy. I hope you don't get bored :p I will be making more videos like these throughout the month and see how it goes and maybe swap things out every now and then. I hope you...
  12. Feathers

    Is my content interesting & engaging?

    I'd like some feedback if my last video is interesting or entertaining? Any suggestions on improving in the future? SEO improvements welcome too.
  13. Pedroseph

    Why Do YouTube and How To Be Successful.

    There are a lot of people out there from all over the world that want to start a YouTube channel. From my experience it seems that a proportion of these people that WANT to start a YouTube channel, don't. This is simply because they face confidence issues or are worried that others will...
  14. summernichole

    Good Idea?

    Hey , so i get snack crate and i was wondering if people find the videos entertaining where you try food from other countries?
  15. DuncanT


    Hey guys! So I've been working on YouTube every evening and weekend for the past 2.5 months. I love doing this, but even getting a little growth a day makes me happy. One like a day brightens up my day like nothing else can. But... I kinda hit a wall. I don't really know how to create some of...
  16. Pierre Maynard

    WHERE DID HE GET THAT FROM! (The Whisper challenge!)

    In this video iv'e decided to come up with a Challenge, that me and my friend Callan Wills can do! :D Things get weirder as the challenge goes on find out more! :D Let me know in the comments what you thought of the video :) @Selim Keles @G-Man @BigBoss @KatyAdelson @Taylor Hoffman...
  17. Benson

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone near San Diego area?

    Hey, I just started my YouTube channel like a month ago, and I'm doing pranks, awkward videos, social experiments, and entertainment skits. I do weekly uploads on Tuesdays. I'd like to collab with YouTubers of the same genre to reach more audience. You can check out my channel and let me know...
  18. Fluke

    Are my videos entertaining?

    Hi you alright, i have just recently started a youtube channel where i upload daily gaming videos. I was just wondering if my videos are entertaining and what i should be doing to improve them.
  19. Swift_MC

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft YouTubers to collab with.

    Hey everyone im Swift MC, I'm 16 years old and looking for Minecraft YouTubers to collaborate with. I prefer to work with ages 15+ or at least close to that if you are mature. I don't care about how many subs you have, I really am just looking for another person with a fun personality to work...
  20. Zivlon


    What's up guys Zivlon here! I would like to show you my brand YouTube channel. I make high-quality content every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12 pm EST. I mostly play Minecraft, but I also play Happy Wheels and do tutorials and life stories also! I would really love if you checked out my...
  21. NakedManDong

    Interesting games for videos?

    I was just wondering what you guys would use as games for your videos.
  22. Mattaxol

    How do you stay upbeat/non-mono-tone in your videos?

    I just don't get it. I'm working on it, but I see YouTubers like JackSepticEye and pewdiepie who're just so upbeat and exciting in their videos. I've seen some of jack's old videos where he was so quiet like me. How did he change? Is it a thing you gain overtime? Do they just drink a lot of...
  23. Mattaxol

    'Enjoyable' accents?

    I'm kind of interested, since I have quite an unusual accent compared to the rest of YouTube, what kind of accent do you enjoy the most? I personally have an NZ accent, by the way... What do you think about the New Zealand accent? I don't really like it, but I'd be interested to know your...
  24. Ohgoditskeith

    | My Ranting Journal |

    Hi Guys!! In this video I rant about all of the things that p****d me off this week :happy: All week, as soon as something annoyed me, I wrote it down on my phone Please give this a quick look and tell me what you think :)
  25. Ohgoditskeith

    10 Annoying Parent Saying - EDITED

    The audio in the last posting was COMPLETELY messed up and I was having an anxiety attack ... Please help by checking out this new posting - worked pretty hard on this video 10 of the Worlds Most Annoying Parent Sayings
  26. OliverRichesYT


    Hey guys! I uploaded my first video on my new channel the other day and it would be great if you could check it out and give me some harsh feedback once you have checked out the video. But in all i hope it entertains you and makes you laugh :)
  27. Manly Madness

    Feedback Please :)

    I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback on my channel... I will be happy to hear anything