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Hey! I'm an experienced drummer if I could be of any use. Ive seen your channel and you're an amazing singer! If you'd like to check out my channel and see my drumming that would be appreciated. If you are interested and a camera is available for you, you can make a cover with a recording and I can edit your recording and my recording together to get a good quality video! Thanks for reading, I'm very interested!
Thank you :) I'd love to collab! Send me a message on :)
where about in the uk do you live?
Id be interested in a collab :)
I'm in South West UK :)
Id love to make a beat or collab on a song
Sounds good! Message me on
Hi if you're still looking for people to collaborate with I'm an experienced acoustic guitarist who is willing to play any genre
Hi Bethbee,
You have a very nice voice with strongs feelings.
I make vg music covers, instrumental covers of any kinds, piano tutorials...
I'm sure we can collab on something, like share playlists for example, to grow together ?

Let me know ; )


Augustin C
Hey! I am a song writer, singer and musician. Let me know if you still looking for collab. Cheers!

Hi and welcome to YTtalk. :)

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