collaboration ideas

  1. Joc Promise

    #youtube. Let us build the world together

    Hello I don't know if there are some peoe who want to build the world together with me, anyway just joking
  2. O


    Hi, guys, I'm new here and I'm a New Youtuber, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with, I'm in New York My Ig is Honeybadgeer if you want to check me out. I would love to do a Collaboration with someone
  3. javacentral

    Vlog Collab of sorts!

    So I was thinking. Vlog collabs are hard. What makes them much easier is a shout out for a shout out. So if you want to shout me out in one of your videos, say a little something about me (btw I make videos about coffee) then I can hit you up on my latest video!
  4. Bethanyjbee

    CLOSED - Looking for people to collab with

    Hey there! I recently took a bit of a break off of Youtube and I'm looking to get myself back into the game. I'm looking for singers, songwriters, musicians - anybody with musical talent to collaborate with and to make new friends with! You can take a look at my channel as all my singing...
  5. Eric Bieller

    Vlog Intro Swap - A Super Simple YouTube Collaboration

    Hey all, Collaborating on YouTube is tough when you rarely have the chance to meet up with other interesting YouTubers in person. So we started thinking... We really like the way funforlouis used to do little intro videos from other YouTubers. What if we did something similar, but as more of a...