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Hey all,

Collaborating on YouTube is tough when you rarely have the chance to meet up with other interesting YouTubers in person. So we started thinking... We really like the way funforlouis used to do little intro videos from other YouTubers. What if we did something similar, but as more of a collaboration to help both channels out?

So here's what we had in mind. We send you a quick intro of us saying "Hey guys, we're Eric & Allison from The Endless Adventure. We're currently hanging out in [location]! You're watching [channel], enjoy!". And you send us a similar intro. We both post these at the beginning of our next vlogs. Simple!

We just tried this out for the first time with the awesome peeps behind Nomad'er How Far.

I'm thinking this thread could serve as a way for YouTubers with similar subscriber counts to connect with each other and setup intro swaps.

What do you think?

If you have a channel with a similar subscriber count as ours that is losely based on travel or adventure in general, then we'd love to swap an intro with you!
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Hey guys!
I recently started a Youtube vlogging channel too, based around my life and my strive towards obtaining a scholarship!
I was wondering if you wanted to go about doing this?
Hey I'll be up for making an intro maybe a week from now Im a vlogging pro wrestler so I'm hoping to be up and down the uk this year! I'll be making a series which shows me in training so I'll film an intro then!
Sounds like a plan to me, I'll make up something soonish. I'll check out the channel and tell you what i think. We should swap links on each others channel page too, I'll throw you up on mine, if you could return the favor that would be great.
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